CT and Me

After the IM Louisville Camp I attended I realized how hard the course was for a ‘little bit’ from FLAT Florida. I rode with the “A” group but got dropped on every hill. Thank goodness I had a map of the course with me! I tell my coach that after the ride I curled up like a little baby and was crying for my Daddy. No sympathy, just a new addition to the condo! Yes, the very cool CompuTrainer now adorns my soon to be home office. My bike looks like it is attached to a hospital machine with a ton of wires taking its vitals. The course on the computer screen, you guessed it, the IML course with all its hills (about 7,400 feet of climbing)! Thanks, Shawn, for letting me borrow it for a few. Yes, I know your reputation is on the line so you had no choice 🙂

Tomorrow morning is a 5½ hour ride (2-2½ on the CT doing hills) then finish outside with a 45 min T-run off the bike. Should be fun! So my exciting Friday evening consists of preparing for my ride and getting some pasta and bread in me with lots of water. Could you think of a better way to spend your Friday evening?


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