Race Sim Saturday

Done! Talk about “Finding Your Limits”, I found it on the run portion of my training today. On the bike at 5:40AM and did 2 hours of the IML course (not sure if it scared me more or helped, but I did it). The worst part was getting off the bike and looking at a puddle of sweat that I would have to eventually clean up.

Off the bike and onto the road for another 3½ hours with Joy, who is doing IM Florida in October, you rock girl! Let me tell you, Joy is as tiny as me but the girls got power on the bike. She rides harder gears and pulls off the same cadence as me. Can you say drafting 🙂

Joy in the '07 Winter Beaches Run

Off the bike I HAD a 45 min run but the temp was 89 degrees with a heat index of 99. I made it 38 min. before the black spots invaded my vision. If it is that hot in IML there will be a lot of DNFs and IVs (sorry Carrie)!

On a different note, I wrote to a friend the other day and “talked” about living every day like it was your last day on Earth. He wrote back something that I read over and over and wanted to share.

“I do feel I have a unique ability to adapt to situations which is a blessing but although I might be able to tell the the entire fictional history of a comic book character or make a catchy riff, I have no idea who the Prime Minister of Spain is, or if they even have PM’s for that matter. I fear sometimes that I live too much in the clouds and not enough here on earth. But for all my silent doubts I do have a strange confidence despite myself, when I was younger I think it bordered on cocky but as I’ve matured, no matter what, I share your attitude that everyday must be like it’s our last and that no matter what, this is the body and mind I was given, so I better make the most of it. Perhaps acceptance of our place in life brings a calm confidence? I like to think so, but I never stop wanting to know more and be more.”

Thanks AA, very cool. Live life, set goals, push yourself to find your limits and smile. Oh, one more thing, live life in the clouds when you can…it really is a cool place to be 🙂


2 Responses to “Race Sim Saturday”

  1. The clouds may be a cool place, however, we live on earth. When it’s time to leave it, make sure it’s in better condition than when you arrived, if you can’t elect people who can. Love Dad

  2. For those of us silly enough to wonder if they do have a Prime Minister.


    It is an odd answer. They don’t – but we English speaking folks still call the position the PM. Odd. Who knew!

    Have Fun!

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