IM Louisville Camp

I am luck to have had the chance to go to Louisville for a few days to check out the swim, bike and run course. Friday evening started the camp with a lecture by Troy Jacobson (Coach Troy). If you have heard of Spinervals you will know Coach Troy, very passionate about the sport of Triathlon and very focused on mental toughness. Lucky us that meant starting the lecture off by doing a 5 min squat with your back straight and hands behind your head, NOT fun!

Saturday morning we had the treat of having to jump into the Ohio River at 6AM. The bad part was that it was dark but that was also a good thing. Have you ever seen the Ohio River? NASTY! I swear a tetanus shot is needed to get in that water. I swam 16 min upstream and it took me 1 min to get back. You got it, we were swimming in place!

After the swim we did the 112 mile bike course. Okay, this was an eye opener for me. I had no idea Louisville was this hilly! Coach Troy went along for 80 miles of the ride and all I kept hearing was, “Jacksonville, you should not be standing on these climbs! Push yourself back in the saddle and use your hip flexors and use the ankling technique!” Huh? Well, I started to do that and he was right. I still got dropped on every hill but I will keep working on it. The only thing that got me through was the SAG vehicle with water and REALLY good cookies 🙂

Sunday started with a lecture and off onto the run course. One bridge at the beginning and the rest is flat with no shade. We did 15.5 miles which allowed us to run the entire course as it is a 2 loop. The only issue will be the heat, no hills…finally!

I met a fantastic chica who is an INCREDIBLE athlete and I was able to hang with her Sunday afternoon and we headed to the airport together. Cherri did 3 IM’s in 4 months last year (IMLP, IML, Kona), absolutely incredible. I had no idea a human could do that! She also took all the pictures attached!

Great camp, great people and great learning experience. We shall see how it goes on August 31st!


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