Recovery + Xterra = Perfect Weekend

This week was a recovery week so only 3 hours on the bike Saturday and 14 mile run + 2000 yds in the pool Sunday (and 2 one hour walks on the beach, it was a beautiful weekend!). Now it is time to buckle down and focus on the next two weeks of build that are critical for my overall performance in IML. Oddly, I am looking forward to it. Ask me in 3 days and it may be a different story.

After the Sunday run I hit the Xterra race out in Atlantic Beach. The Xterra First Coast Off-Road Triathlon consists of a .5 mile swim, 13 mile mountain bike and a 5K trail run. This is NOT your typical triathlon and these people are TOUGH! It was exciting to watch and great to see one of the guys, that trains under the same coach as I, do really well. Sean Crichton finished 3rd overall male and the competition was unreal. He was 1st out of T2 and the two guys behind him were out for blood.

Sean Crichton Finish

Sean Crichton Finish

Sean Crichton on the Bike

Sean Crichton on the Bike

This Sport is NUTZ!

This Sport is NUTZ!

Back to housework and preparing for the week ahead. Until next time…


One Response to “Recovery + Xterra = Perfect Weekend”

  1. Last picture is great. Nice going.

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