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The Final Countdown

Posted in Uncategorized on August 26, 2008 by Kel
On Thursday Carrie and I will be arriving in Louisville, KY to get ourselves grounded for the Ironman that takes place on Sunday. We will get some last minute swim, bike and runs in, check out the expo, get our packets, prepare our bikes to be racked on Saturday, get our Transition and Special Needs Bags packed and relax.

It is hard to believe it is here already but at this point — BRING IT ON!

For those of you that would like to track our progress you can do so using the following link:

Kellie: Bib# 1392; Carrie: Bib# 1378

So far the weather looks great!!

Overnight Low

Partly Cloudy
Day Time High

I found a few cool pictures of the swim finish and the run finish.

Belle of Louisville

IML Finish

IML Finish

Let’s get ready to rumble 🙂


Don’t Mess With Mother Nature

Posted in Uncategorized on August 22, 2008 by Kel

It has been a little wet here in Jacksonville due to Tropical Storm Fay. She has not reared her ugly head; just dropped a descent amount of rain and provided some wind gusts to make it a little exciting. I went out this morning and ran parallel to the ocean and after 12 minutes I hit the treadmill (I think the police were wondering who the numskull was)!

Tropical Storm Fay - View from Condo

The one nice thing is that it gave me a reason to test out working from home and it was fantastic. I have everything setup and ready to go but nervous to change anything before IML. After Ironman I will give up my space at work and go full time working from home.

Home Office

A few more quick updates…

How cute is my sister in her race last weekend? She is sporting her Jaggad trisuit she will be wearing in the IM and of course I have the same one with some red in it. What can I say, we are twins 🙂
My coach submitted my name for “Age Grouper of the Week” on Ironman Talk – Your weekly fix in all things Ironman!! (episode 123).
If you select “Listen Now” and scroll to 30 minutes into the podcast you will get a good 3 minute chuckle! It is great. Thanks for submitting my name, Shawn!

You Call This Taper?

Posted in Uncategorized on August 16, 2008 by Kel

Is the first of a three week taper really a taper? That is the question…I will let you decide.

One more day before taper week one is completed. I looked at TrainingPeaks where my training plan is posted and I record the details of my workouts. I had to start a couple workouts this week at 4:35AM to get them in prior to work and I thought, this is taper?

In all actuality it was a fantastic week. I was “on” for all my workouts and was pleased with my speed, power and form for all disciplines. I think I owe it to that awesome massage I got Tuesday evening (Jen showed up at my door, setup her stuff, spent an hour reminding me how bad off my body was (ouch), packed up and left…sweet!).

By end of day tomorrow I will have put in 9,500yds in the pool, 108 miles on the bike and 40 miles of running for “taper” week one. All of this will be accomplished in 13 hours, not too bad. Over the next few weeks the volume will decrease, the intensity will still remain, I will try to remind myself I can’t eat as much as I usually do so I can remain at race weight and start to put some emphasis on “mental imagery”.

Many of us hope to qualify for Kona one day, there are two slots in IM Louisville up for grabs in my age group. I will be out there trying for one of those slots, we will see what the day brings. My little reminder when I begin to start to “feel” this hills on the bike? A few added stickers that remind me of Hawaii.

What a Weekend

Posted in Uncategorized on August 12, 2008 by Kel

This weekend consisted of triathlons, cycling and celebrating slower recoveries…

Saturday a group of us went out to dinner to celebrate the 43rd (yes…that is old) birthday of the man that works our butts off to achieve our goals — the one, the only, Coach Shawn. The dude is hard, qualified for Kona in Arizona this year and is now training for not only the Big Island but IM Florida only a few weeks after.

Happy Birthday, Shawn!


My AWESOME sis did the Cazenovia Olympic Tri this weekend and kicked it in to pass 3 woman in her age group on the run to take top of her age group. Girl, you rock the house and I am so proud of you. Carrie pulled off 2:01/100m on the swim, 18mph on a hilly bike course and 8:03 splits on a hilly run. Nice job!

Carrie in the '07 Cazenovia Tri

My friend, Ryan, did the Park City Mossman Olympic Tri and crushed all three disciplines pulling off a 1:24/100m on the swim, 22.4mph on the bike (road bike…dude get a tri bike and get in the aero position) and 7:24 splits on the run. EXCELLENT job!

This weekend I did a 5 hour bike (mental breakdown…don’t want to talk about it) followed by a 1 hour run on Saturday and a 16 mile run on Sunday. Tagged along to watch the Jacksonville Cycling Classic and it was cool! Not the temperature that were hitting 90+ but the way these guys ride without massive wrecks. Very fun to watch.

Time for bed…this chick needs sleep…

Three More Days Until Taper

Posted in Uncategorized on August 7, 2008 by Kel

This Sunday is 3 weeks to IML and I think Carrie and I are starting to feel the excitement and soon, nervousness. It has been a lot of work up until this point and it is not just physically challenging but mentally challenging as well. I never questioned why I am doing this, I know why I am, the finish line. IML is suppose to have the best Ironman finishes of all IMs. It finishes at 4th Street Live in which I experienced first hand a few weeks back when I went to train on the course. I got goosebumps walking through it and thinking about what every athlete on the course will have to endure to get to that point. Hills and heat, nice combination for a true Ironman.

My sister finished with me last year at Ironman Lake Placid. She held my hand as we ran to the finish and she was screaming over and over, “You did it! You are an Ironman!” This year she will be out on the course with me and I will see her at least once on the run course. I am really looking forward to that moment, it will be the moment that will help get me to the finish.

This morning I did just an hour and 15 minutes on the bike. I used the CompuTrainer and did the IML course. The numbers really told me how fatigued I was and how much my body was ready for the taper. My power on the bike was low but the good news is my efficiency was solid (only 1% inefficient on the bike).

Three more days until taper…

Relaxing at the Beach

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After an early wake up to get in a little over an hour bike with hard intervals and a 6 mile run off the bike (at a 7:03/mile pace…sweet) and a long day at work that included calls from 9-6 straight I needed to unwind. Ahhh…yes…the beach. I got home and grabbed my camera and walked 2 blocks to the beach and just sat there and enjoyed. I have to do that more often!

Here are some pictures I took on my way to and at the beach…

Looking from the condo to the Jax Pier

Looking from the condo to the Jax Pier



Entrance to the beach

Entrance to the beach

Jax Pier

Jax Pier

Looking south from the Pier

Looking south from the Pier

Surfers & a Kayaker

Surfers & a Kayak

My Litte Inspiration

Posted in Uncategorized on August 2, 2008 by Kel

My younger sister Heather (7 years younger but looks much older…hehehe) has two BEAUTIFUL kids, Kavan and Rylee. Now, when Kavan was born everyone said he was his Aunt Kellie and I totally dig him. I was on the phone with Heather a week or so ago and I hear something in the background and she said she got Kavan an electric piano and a microphone. There was a break in our conversation and all you hear over the microphone is, “Hey, sexy mommy.” You have got to love that boy 🙂

So I got the BEST card in the mail today, a good luck card from my little guy. This is what the card said:


This picture represents you fighting the ironman monster! We are so proud of you and know you will do great! You are an inspiration.

I so love Wonder Woman!

I so love Wonder Woman!

Kavan made a “good luck” card. Let me help you understand what it means…

The front of the card: Kavan stenciled those letters himself. As for the rest…there is a ♥, a bike, and a sailboat…you figure it out!

The inside of he card: The left hand side is the lake you will be swimming in. Watch out for the dinos & frogs!! The right hand side is your bike and you running! All our love!

Seriously, this card made my day. I can’t stop smiling. I love you, Kavan!!

Kavan & Rylee

Kavan & Rylee