My Litte Inspiration

My younger sister Heather (7 years younger but looks much older…hehehe) has two BEAUTIFUL kids, Kavan and Rylee. Now, when Kavan was born everyone said he was his Aunt Kellie and I totally dig him. I was on the phone with Heather a week or so ago and I hear something in the background and she said she got Kavan an electric piano and a microphone. There was a break in our conversation and all you hear over the microphone is, “Hey, sexy mommy.” You have got to love that boy 🙂

So I got the BEST card in the mail today, a good luck card from my little guy. This is what the card said:


This picture represents you fighting the ironman monster! We are so proud of you and know you will do great! You are an inspiration.

I so love Wonder Woman!

I so love Wonder Woman!

Kavan made a “good luck” card. Let me help you understand what it means…

The front of the card: Kavan stenciled those letters himself. As for the rest…there is a ♥, a bike, and a sailboat…you figure it out!

The inside of he card: The left hand side is the lake you will be swimming in. Watch out for the dinos & frogs!! The right hand side is your bike and you running! All our love!

Seriously, this card made my day. I can’t stop smiling. I love you, Kavan!!

Kavan & Rylee

Kavan & Rylee


3 Responses to “My Litte Inspiration”

  1. runtararun Says:

    That is too cute!! We are ALL so proud of you, Kellie! I feel so honored to know you!! Keep on inspiring, girl!

  2. You are wonder woman! You are inspiration to me when I don’t want to train – I think what would Kellie do? She would get up and do it and do it the best she can …Remember the deal me and tara made with you after IML next time Tara is in town 🙂

  3. Stacey Baldwin Deyo Says:

    I think you need to put on your wonder woman bathing suit that we used to wear as kids!!
    How cool is it that after all these years, Wonder Woman is still the bomb!! (my husband still makes fun of me for loving her!!)
    I love reading this site!!!!

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