The Little Engine that Could

Just like the “Little Engine that Could” I am preparing for my weekend workout by getting my gear ready and repeating the motto: “I-think-I-can”. It is one of the last two build weeks going into Ironman prior to the three week taper. This week will finish up at around 19-20 hours of training and my engine is not doing too bad so far. I had a mid-week workout that had me on the CompuTrainer for 3 hours riding the IML course then off on a one hour run. This morning I had an 11 mile run at the beach and I really enjoyed it pulling off 7:33 average splits.

My Wonder Woman Braclet

Saturday will be a 6 hour bike with a 45 minute T-run. My sister called me the other day, 4.5 weeks to IML, and says she wants to talk about nutrition and hydration. Ugh, you are less than 5 weeks out, you should know that already (she knows I love her and we will be talking about it this weekend). But for those of you who wonder what I am taking for nutrition thanks to the advice of my coach, CarboPro 1200. Just take a gulp of it every 10-15 minutes and you are golden. This stuff packs 1200 calories into one bottle and that is pretty much all I will need on the 6+ hours on the bike with water, lots of water. Good thing I like the taste of cough syrup!

Sunday is a 20 mile run and a swim.

So it got me wondering why the book that is used to teach children the value of optimism does not have that little engine saying, “I know I can, I know I can.” 🙂

Anything is possible if you sent your mind to it. Find your limits and keep reaching higher. Until next time…


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