Three More Days Until Taper

This Sunday is 3 weeks to IML and I think Carrie and I are starting to feel the excitement and soon, nervousness. It has been a lot of work up until this point and it is not just physically challenging but mentally challenging as well. I never questioned why I am doing this, I know why I am, the finish line. IML is suppose to have the best Ironman finishes of all IMs. It finishes at 4th Street Live in which I experienced first hand a few weeks back when I went to train on the course. I got goosebumps walking through it and thinking about what every athlete on the course will have to endure to get to that point. Hills and heat, nice combination for a true Ironman.

My sister finished with me last year at Ironman Lake Placid. She held my hand as we ran to the finish and she was screaming over and over, “You did it! You are an Ironman!” This year she will be out on the course with me and I will see her at least once on the run course. I am really looking forward to that moment, it will be the moment that will help get me to the finish.

This morning I did just an hour and 15 minutes on the bike. I used the CompuTrainer and did the IML course. The numbers really told me how fatigued I was and how much my body was ready for the taper. My power on the bike was low but the good news is my efficiency was solid (only 1% inefficient on the bike).

Three more days until taper…


2 Responses to “Three More Days Until Taper”

  1. runtararun Says:

    I cannot imagine the emotions you must be going through as you get closer to IML! You definitely have both the physical AND mental endurance to kick the course’s butt – I can’t wait to follow you on the website. You continue to be a huge inspiration…thank you!!

  2. Hey Kel,
    You made me tear up already. By the way…If my body and mind make it to the finish line, would you run over it with me? I know rules are changing and maybe they don’t allow it anymore but if they do I would be proud to have you run over the line with me! After all, you got me into this mess 🙂
    Love you!

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