What a Weekend

This weekend consisted of triathlons, cycling and celebrating slower recoveries…

Saturday a group of us went out to dinner to celebrate the 43rd (yes…that is old) birthday of the man that works our butts off to achieve our goals — the one, the only, Coach Shawn. The dude is hard, qualified for Kona in Arizona this year and is now training for not only the Big Island but IM Florida only a few weeks after.

Happy Birthday, Shawn!


My AWESOME sis did the Cazenovia Olympic Tri this weekend and kicked it in to pass 3 woman in her age group on the run to take top of her age group. Girl, you rock the house and I am so proud of you. Carrie pulled off 2:01/100m on the swim, 18mph on a hilly bike course and 8:03 splits on a hilly run. Nice job!

Carrie in the '07 Cazenovia Tri

My friend, Ryan, did the Park City Mossman Olympic Tri and crushed all three disciplines pulling off a 1:24/100m on the swim, 22.4mph on the bike (road bike…dude get a tri bike and get in the aero position) and 7:24 splits on the run. EXCELLENT job!

This weekend I did a 5 hour bike (mental breakdown…don’t want to talk about it) followed by a 1 hour run on Saturday and a 16 mile run on Sunday. Tagged along to watch the Jacksonville Cycling Classic and it was cool! Not the temperature that were hitting 90+ but the way these guys ride without massive wrecks. Very fun to watch.

Time for bed…this chick needs sleep…


One Response to “What a Weekend”

  1. Dear Kellie,
    Thank you so much for this awesome post…my only request is that, in the future, you fudge my god awful swim time or at least say I swam in the middle of a hurricane. Love you!

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