You Call This Taper?

Is the first of a three week taper really a taper? That is the question…I will let you decide.

One more day before taper week one is completed. I looked at TrainingPeaks where my training plan is posted and I record the details of my workouts. I had to start a couple workouts this week at 4:35AM to get them in prior to work and I thought, this is taper?

In all actuality it was a fantastic week. I was “on” for all my workouts and was pleased with my speed, power and form for all disciplines. I think I owe it to that awesome massage I got Tuesday evening (Jen showed up at my door, setup her stuff, spent an hour reminding me how bad off my body was (ouch), packed up and left…sweet!).

By end of day tomorrow I will have put in 9,500yds in the pool, 108 miles on the bike and 40 miles of running for “taper” week one. All of this will be accomplished in 13 hours, not too bad. Over the next few weeks the volume will decrease, the intensity will still remain, I will try to remind myself I can’t eat as much as I usually do so I can remain at race weight and start to put some emphasis on “mental imagery”.

Many of us hope to qualify for Kona one day, there are two slots in IM Louisville up for grabs in my age group. I will be out there trying for one of those slots, we will see what the day brings. My little reminder when I begin to start to “feel” this hills on the bike? A few added stickers that remind me of Hawaii.


3 Responses to “You Call This Taper?”

  1. Stepmonster Says:

    I can’t, from a couch-potato viewpoint, comment on your taper. Sounds pretty spectacular to me!!!!!

    Watching the marathon in Beijing last night I kept seeing you there. (I wanted to save Paula Radcliffe!) After Kona (cause I KNOW you are going!) any way we’ll see you in London in 2012? You’d be awesome! I think you deserve the Gold everyday!!

    Love and hugs,

  2. runtararun Says:

    I’m with Stepmonster! Nick and I thought about you DOUBLE last night; we were at Bonefish AND watching the women’s marathon!! I have no doubt one of those two slots will yours for Kona. Keep rockin’ on!

  3. Awesome stickers, just don’t get distracted and forget to keep looking forward. 🙂

    And watch those portions so you don’t get a “taper belly”!

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