Don’t Mess With Mother Nature

It has been a little wet here in Jacksonville due to Tropical Storm Fay. She has not reared her ugly head; just dropped a descent amount of rain and provided some wind gusts to make it a little exciting. I went out this morning and ran parallel to the ocean and after 12 minutes I hit the treadmill (I think the police were wondering who the numskull was)!

Tropical Storm Fay - View from Condo

The one nice thing is that it gave me a reason to test out working from home and it was fantastic. I have everything setup and ready to go but nervous to change anything before IML. After Ironman I will give up my space at work and go full time working from home.

Home Office

A few more quick updates…

How cute is my sister in her race last weekend? She is sporting her Jaggad trisuit she will be wearing in the IM and of course I have the same one with some red in it. What can I say, we are twins 🙂
My coach submitted my name for “Age Grouper of the Week” on Ironman Talk – Your weekly fix in all things Ironman!! (episode 123).
If you select “Listen Now” and scroll to 30 minutes into the podcast you will get a good 3 minute chuckle! It is great. Thanks for submitting my name, Shawn!

2 Responses to “Don’t Mess With Mother Nature”

  1. Stepmonster Says:

    Remember – you are a itty-bitty thing of a woman – lucky Fay didn’t carry you away from Kansas! Yes, treadmill, yes.

    Your home office looks beautiful!!! I am assuming that your ergonomic chair is on back order……

    Carrie was in ANOTHER race that she didn’t tell her parents about??? Seriously, how cute is she? 🙂

    LOL – that podcast was great. I LOVE the NZ accent. So… are to be forever known as Kellie Smirmoff. We could call you Moffy for short! Thanks for making my day!


  2. wow, you lucky woman, being able to work from home. you got it MADE now baby! I am jealous. never have to leave your condo……except to go to the ironman next week!

    Go Kel and Car….star ATHLETES!

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