Surround Yourself With Those Who Believe In You

A few nights ago I was laying in bed listening to music and I remembered something a friend said that really made me think. It was 3+ years ago and I was at a HammerHead Triathlon Club meeting and they asked my friend Freddy, who had just finished his first Ironman, to give advice to those who were about to embark on the journey. His answer was priceless, “Surround yourself with those who believe in you more than you believe in yourself.”

I started to think about all the positive influences in my life from my family, friends, coach, co-workers, etc. that have helped make me the person and athlete I am today and help to inspire me to be the person I hope to be tomorrow.

This past week I received a few things that reminded me how lucky I am to be surrounded by such amazing people. One of them is my Stepmother (she fondly calls herself “stepmonster”), Cate, who reads and comments on every blog entry and every word is so positive and meaningful. She used a program, Wordle, and created this cool collague of words from my blog. You need to try it, it is very cool!! Thanks for being our biggest cheerleader, Cate!


I also received two cards that were just great. One was from my friend Erin who is the Executive Director & Local Founder of Girls On The Run in Cincinnati. Talk about an inspiration and someone I have admired from the second I met. She ran the 54 mile ultra marathon with me in South Africa and cheered me on in both IM Lake Placid and IM Louisville. 

Erin – Girl on the Run

The other was a card from my girl, Joy. She is a phenomenal athlete and I love to watch her get stronger in every race. I do something as simple as letting her borrow some race wheels for her big events and she gives me a card with a Starbucks gift card. Sweet!!

My Friends ROCK

My Friends ROCK

Finally, I can’t say enough about those that allow me to train with them and push me to limits I would never find myself. The guys; Shawn, Shawn (Hercules), Saswata and Tony as well as the gals; Joy & JC.

My next event is the “Atlantic Coast Triathlon at Amelia Island” (Saturday, October 4th) which is a half iron distance and my final “race” for the year. On the course with me will be Shawn, Herc, Saswata, Joy and JC. Should be a blast.

As I finish up the rest of the crew has the World Championship in Hawaii (go Shawn), Ironman Florida (go Joy, Shawn, Herc and Saswata) and the World Championship 70.3 in Clearwater (go JC). Not to be forgotten, my sister Heather, will be running her first half marathon since the birth of her little girl, Rylee. I will be out there pacing her for the San Antonio Rock & Roll Half Marathon and my guess is she will pull of a 1:37 (no Kellie filter needed here) 🙂

Heather & Kavan

Heather & Kavan


3 Responses to “Surround Yourself With Those Who Believe In You”

  1. I love reading these and love the pics you put up along them.
    You certainly are an inspiration and make me want to get up and run!!

    Keep up the awesome job……

  2. I know sometimes it is not easy to believe in yourself and your abilities. I’m guilty of it. But when even one person tells you “you can do it…” it’s magical. It’s the friends and family members that wish you luck and congratulate you; it’s the volunteers and crowds that cheer for you; it’s the person passing you on a run that smiles and says “keep up the great pace” that push you to take the next step or try something you never dreamed of doing or set a PR. Just so you know, Kellie, you are the number one person I think of when I don’t think I can take that next step. And then I take it. Thank you.

  3. Stepmonster Says:

    What a great post. I think you should write a book. I think your voice would resonate with a great number of people, especially women.

    You are my hero and I admire you more than you will ever know!

    Remember that it is in giving that we receive. If you are blessed than you have given blessings. I would guess more than you know. Good Karma – it’s the best!

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