Life After Racing

After a few days of freaking out over my race season ending (more on the last race in the next entry) I stated to embrace the freedom and began to think about the rest of this year and plot out what I want to do differently next year.

I am going to take the next few weeks and do what I want before I have a 6 week painful “train like a cyclist” schedule. My main focus will be getting back my muscle that I lost over the season. I want my abs and arms back!! This is what I can look like if I really work at it 🙂

My sister hitting the ultra-body circuit!

My sister hitting the ultra-body circuit!

I am also looking VERY forward to visiting my sister, Heather, and her family and watching my little Kavan (3) run a kids race, meeting my new niece, Rylee, and pacing my sister to a PR in a half marathon. Her training is going great and her pace is ON for a PR.

I am also looking forward to watching my friends in Ironman Florida on November 1st. We have a strong group going from Jacksonville and I see some top age group spots being taken.

Next year I am really going to focus on improving my power on the bike and GOD KNOWS I need to work on my swim.  I am focused and know what I need to do. I am planning on doing my major races towards the second part of the year and have committed to the inaugural Augusta 70.3 in September and will be signing up for IM Arizona in November.

What I am most excited about is taking the first part of the year to find the “other” side of life. In Q2 I hope to see great success with the premier of the movie ATHLETE by the incredibly talented director/producer, Dave Lam. I have never seen so much passion and dedication going into producing a film that will hit the hearts of so many “everyday” athletes. He is also doing so much good to give back to the community through the CYCLE OF GIVING.

I also miss taking a true vacation. No planned event, just a vacation. I have been looking at some fantastic adventures in Costa Rica that I will put on my docket for 2009. Diving is top of the list along with learning how to surf, hitting the rain forest and all the other cool things Costa Rica has to offer.

White Tip from my Galapagos Trip

White Tip from my Galapagos Trip

Sea Lion - Galapagos

Sea Lion - Galapagos

I think I am learning that there is life after the season ends 🙂


3 Responses to “Life After Racing”

  1. With as much time as we spend training, it takes just as much energy breaking the habit and getting back to “real” life.

    Oh, and I’m totally jealous of those abs. Maybe if my will power to stay away from cookies wasn’t so weak, I might actually be able to get some like those some day.

    And scuba diving is awesome, especially if you go someplace really nice. I learned in the florida keys when I was younger. One of the best trips of my life.

  2. Stepmonster Says:


    There is no doubt there is nothing you can’t accomplish! I look forward to hearing about your well deserved vaca. Funny that you dusted off that pic of Heather. I was thinking about that chapter in her life just the other day – too cute!

  3. Well I put the children to bed and decided to check out your blog to see if there was anything new. After reading your blog I was planning on getting a big bowl of ice cream and watching a movie. Imagine my surprise as I scroll down and see my ultra bodies picture….. now I am going to get a piece of fruit….THANKS

    Love You

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