A Day Off

Today is Columbus Day and my awesome employer, Bank of America, considers this a holiday. Actually they give us 10 holidays throughout the year, who knew there were so many? The great thing is that it is a BEAUTIFUL day here, low 80’s and partly cloudy.

After hitting the gym for a 3,400 yd swim and an hour of core and lifting I went to check out a condo and a house with my friend Saswata who is looking to purchase a home. For some reason he likes my advice, he has adult ADD (not kidding, his attention span is maybe 5 seconds!) so he thinks bringing me along will help balance his decision. I am opinionated so it actually works out!

Then off to the beach and it was great. Saw some surfers and a land surfer which I have never seen before but man does that look like a great core workout!

Jax Beach Pier

Jax Beach Pier

Surfers at the Pier

Surfers at the Pier

Land Surfer

Land Surfer

Okay, a little vacuuming, dusting, windows and laundry did take up some time!

Then topped off the evening with AWESOME FISH TACOS at The Fish Company with Saswata and my two little buddies, Calliou & Leo.



Calliou & Leo

Leo & Calliou


3 Responses to “A Day Off”

  1. That is scary that Saw need your help to focus. What is he watching you bounce off the walls to see what wrong with them?

  2. Stepmonster Says:

    And I just took the dogs to the dog park and I was exhausted! đŸ™‚

    Just how can we talk your Dad into moving to Jax?????

  3. I’m liking your photography, composition is very good. Tell your stepmother to get a job in Jax.

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