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What’s Next?

Posted in Uncategorized on November 27, 2008 by Kel

As off season continues to rear its ugly head and my bike, run and leg strength training have come to a hault for a bit I wanted to ensure I had the right races on my schedule for 2009. My goal is to slim down the # of races and just sign up for a few key ones that would lead me to my ultimate goal. What that means is I need to work on my weaknesses and boy do I have a few!

I went to see the Orthopedic Surgeon yesterday and all looked good with the x-rays. Today I took a nap in the MRI machine while it took its sweet little time taking a million pictures. I get the results on Monday and that will allow me to see how the next 6 weeks will go.


If I have to stay off my leg for a bit then I will really work on my swimming both in the pool and in the weight room, strengthening the core muscles used in swimming.

My goals for 2009 will be to run the Breast Cancer Marathon on February 15th to start to build up my running again. Based on when I can start to pound the pavement again this may be a training run or an A race. That will be known early next week.


Then time to build power on the bike! I really wanted to sign up for a race, earlier in the year, that would be challenging and force me to build leg strength. I signed up for a GREAT race that I am so excited about. is held on June 7th in Middlebury, CT and will pose some challenging hills on both the bike and run. The water temps are going to be very cold which will be a precursor to Ironman Arizona. It was the perfect race at the perfect time for me. I can’t wait! JC, if you are reading this, let me know when you are heading to the North Georgia Mountains and you can count me in!

Then the inaugural Augusta 70.3 on September 27th. This will tell me where I stand in my IMAZ training. I plan on going hard on this one. Time to feel what pain is and embrace it. I have always backed off a little when I knew it was going to hurt. 2009 is the year of pain (or is it the year of the rat??).

The last race of the season is my favorite distance and one that will be very different from my first two, Ironman Arizona. It will be interesting to see how I do on flat land and I can only pray for NO wind!!

I am starting to feel the excitement and waiting for my off season to end. Races are set in stone, goals are set and I know 2009 is going to be the Year of the Midget (yea, that’s it).



Ironman Arizona

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First up is a massive “YOU ROCK” to my friend Jay who crossed the line of Ironman Arizona yesterday. Looked like they had some perfect weather but heard the water temps were pretty cold! He pulled off a 56 min swim (what the heck??), 5:25 bike and 4:14 run for a 10:44 and that is pretty darn impressive. Jay, running tips are coming your way and get a pair of Newtons dude 🙂  Congrats, now relax and enjoy and hope to see you at one of the races in 2009 so you can watch me pass you on the run (joking!!).


Way to go Jay!

Destiny has been set for the Jacksonville group today and it was pretty hairy. After hitting refresh on for way too long we all managed to get a spot to endure some major pain on November 22, 2009! Ironman Arizona here we come! Congrats to those who will be making the trip to Tempe: Saswata, Shawn, Hercules, Kerry, Tony and Eric.

Until next time…Midget OUT

Tri “Girls Gone Wild” & Tara Rocks!

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First on the list is a shout out to my friend Tara for a FANTASTIC finish in the Richmond Marathon! This is Tara’s first marathon and she pulled off a phenomenal 4:28:31! She had to battle several injuries over the past several years including some stress fractures that required massive healing time. It was so great to see her finish strong! Now she is training for Kiawha and I am more than positive she will hit her goal of 4:15. I read her blog and in her “Highlights From The Race” section I really loved one of her comments, it is something I truly believe in and live by. When you smile it makes you feel good inside and people notice it and are inspired by it. Tara, keep smiling, you are an inspiration. Tara’s comment:

“The crowds were awesome; I can see why they call Richmond America’s Friendliest Marathon.  Later in the race, up toward mile 20, I passed by one crowd who yelled at me (my name was on my bib), “Go, Tara, you’re the only one smiling!!!”  And I was – I smiled A LOT all the way through.”


Tri Girls Gone Wild

To celebrate the end of our 2008 tri season JC, Joy and I got together and enjoyed an evening out! We stated off with a few glasses of wine at my place and watched the IML athlete video to get JC excited for next year. Yea, Joy did Ironman Louisville in 2007, I did it in 2008, JC is doing it in 2009. Then off to a few Irish bars to have a few beers. Some highlights of the evening:

1) The bouncer pretending to look at our IDs – dude, you could have pretended to be surprised at our ages!

2) Joy getting lectured by the bouncer when she was telling JC to get up on the table and dance and holding the hanging light as a spotlight. We thought it was cool Joy!

3) Our new found friend, Jessie, who was celebrating his 23rd birthday (good job guessing the right age JC) and found humor in the 3 chicks laughing at him as he was doing a “suggestive” dance and spilling his drinks all over the place. He kept coming back for abuse from JC who kept telling him he was drinking a chick drink (JC, a long island ice tea is HARD). JC then showed him what a real drink was and got him an Irish Wisky shot and the dude is no doubt cursing her name this morning!

Ladies, thanks for a great time and here is to a great 2009 season!


Until next time…Midget OUT!

Rock ‘n’ Roll San Antonio Style

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What a FANTASTIC time I had in San Antonio! So where do I start? Oh, from the beginning 🙂

On my flight to San Antonio I get on the plane and when I sit down the lady next to me asks if I wrecked on my bike (my wounds tell a lot I guess). I told her I did and found out it was Melissa Spooner, 3-time Ironman Champion. A very cool way to start the trip and we talked the entire flight and she was amazing.

I get to the airport and my mini-me, Kavan, was there waiting for me with the best smile in the world!


Then I met for the first time, my little cutie pie, Rylee. How beautiful is she!!??


I had a great time playing with them and man do they tire you out! I needed a nap, forget them!

On Saturday Heather, Kavan, Rylee and I hopped in the car to go to the expo. We spent 3 hours there and had so much fun! Heather is such a giving person and a great Mom. She is signed up to be a Bone Marrow Donor and in my quest to be a better person she had me sign up at the expo and I felt great doing it.



Saturday evening we went out to dinner with some of the ladies that Heather teaches at the gym she works at. What a fun group!! They gave her a card and gift certificate to thank her for being their “Angel and Inspiration”. You make me so proud, Heather!  Of course Kavan made sure Aunt Kellie ate all her dinner and piled on the salad for me (can you say fiber)! I love you Kavan!

Ashley, Grace, Kelle and Heather - Way to go team MOMSTRONG

Ashley, Grace, Kelle and Heather - Way to go team MOMSTRONG



After a NO sleep night for Heather due to Rylee not sleeping well we were up and at ’em and headed to the race. Let’s just say we got into our corral with 2 min to spare and the race started 10 min late…ouch! But, what a perfect morning, the weather was chilly but when the sun came up it was spectacular! Heather had a goal of a 1:40:00 and I had a blast pacing her to a 1:39:33. Okay, she could have done it without me but I want credit for this one! She did amazing and I am not sure she knows how impressed I am! She gave birth 5 months ago, had bad lower back pain for a while, started to run 3 mos ago stating at a 8 min/mile pace and did 13.1 in a 7:35 pace. Heather, you ROCK!!



When we got back to the house Kavan had a sign made up for Mama and we then held the Rock ‘n’ Roll Kavan Race. Guess who won 🙂




A HUGE THANK YOU to Heather, Jeramie, Kavan and Rlyee for letting me visit and showing me a GREAT time!! Kavan, I will be back after Santa visits 🙂

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

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Yesterday I received some good news from my boss and later in the day read the following, “Life is intended to be a positive, despite difficulties that come along. It can have recoil, desire and surprise, but our positive attitude and healthy approach towards life can change the way we accept things all around our life. A healthy mind results a healthy body and this makes life worth living.”


It reminded me how lucky I am to be very goal driven in my athletic, work and personal life. I believe in working hard, achieving the goals I set for myself, setting stretch goals and most of all, find the sense of happiness and pleasure in reaching those goals. I am a firm believer that the successes in my life stems from my athletic background that will be with me for the rest of my life.

Yesterday my boss called me and told me I won the “Medallion Award” which is given to a handful of associates at Bank of America based off of the “Behavioral Competency”. I was thrilled to receive such an award and honored to even be nominated. Below is what my boss submitted on my behalf. Now I need to go look up some words so I can understand what he wrote 🙂

Kellie Smirnoff’s contributions to the Process Management team in ’08 exemplify Bank of America Spirit behaviors and core values. Her approach to her work combines contagious enthusiasm, consummate professionalism, and intense drive with a determined focus on the end results. She is both respected and liked by her business partners and always welcomes additional challenges and work. She has demonstrated these attributes and others while leading the initiative to improve our network specifications tools and process (will result in 10-15 business day improvement to our delivery speed for projects requiring server builds), collecting and analyzing the E2E Tech Delivery MBF VOC, and providing support of the Process Framework, Governance, and Controls team.
Overall, Kellie’s behavior’s make her very deserving of the Bank of America Spirit Medallion.
Receiving My Black Belt Certification (not the Martial Arts kind)

Receiving My Black Belt Certification (not the Martial Arts kind)

Get out there and set goals for yourself, short term and long term, and work hard to accomplish those goals. It is amazing how big your smile will be once you reach your goals and I know it makes my Dad proud of me too!

Until next time…Midget OUT!

JC Rocks the World Championship 70.3 House

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In my last post I talked about my friend, JC, and her amazing accomplishment placing top in the world in the IM 70.3 distance. I wanted to share some pics of what a World Champion looks like 🙂

JC on the Run

JC on the Run

JC Sporting Her Medal!

JC Sporting Her Medal!

JC 5th in AG 30-34

JC 5th in AG 30-34

Taking a Podium Spot

Taking a Podium Spot

JC, you are an inspiration. Amazing job! I look forward to training with you in 2009!

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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The GOOD: My sister, Carrie, just casually tells me she is doing an Ultra Marathon not too long before it is being held. I know what it takes to complete one and after completing an IM I was like, huh? Girl, YOU ROCK! I am SO proud of my sister for getting out there and making a valiant attempt at the Mendon Park Trail Run! Not only was it a 50K (31 mile course) but it was a HILLY trail run with 1100 feet of climbing on every loop (5 x 10K loops)! Here is a little excerpt from Carrie:

It was a beautiful run through trails. There were constant hills; many of them torturous on the legs but the challenge was great. I made it 4 of the 5 laps so I finished about 25 of the 31 miles. My spirits were up but my legs felt like they were torn to shreds. I was really happy that I made it that far, although I would love to one day finish an ultra-flat ultra-marathon! My first 3 laps I did in about 3 hrs and 15 min but due to quite a bit of walking hills on the 4th lap (one where I needed my hands to help me climb), I ended with 4:38 (or technically a DNF). It was great having my Dad there to support me and other family members cheering for me from afar.


The BAD (as in BAD A$$): My girl JC BUTCHERED the Clearwater course in the World Championship 70.3 this past Saturday. This is where you are competing against the worlds top athletes in the half IM distance in your age group. JC finished 5th in her AG giving her a podium spot and the title of top in the world in AG 30-34. Seriously, the pain she must have endured to do that I would never be able to comprehend!! Girl, I am just thrilled for you!

The UGLY: My first wreck…Midgets on TT bikes do not belong on Group Rides 🙂


What a weekend..I DIG IT!!