Ironman Florida & Ultra Carrie

First up is a HUGE congrats to all the Ironman Florida finishers! We had a great crew out there representing Jacksonville and some great results!

Shawn pulled off a PR and secured his Hawaii slot for 2009. Dude, qualifying for Kona 2x in one year, way to go!


Saswata destroyed the swim course with a blazing 1:10. When I saw him out on the run course (p.s. this is 6+ hours after he exited the water) he screamed to me, “I swam a 1:10. I am no longer the Sinker!”  Sorry Saswata, you will always be the Sinker to me 🙂


Joy decided to go blind 3/4th of the way into the bike and somehow managed to finish with an amazing PR. I got to see all her bruises first hand from falling over garbage cans, cones and running into trees and she was a mess! Joy, you win the award for going into the IM as an age grouper and finishing as a challenged athlete (this may not be politically correct but it is true)!


Last but not least is Hercules! Hurt back, chest cold and sporting compression sox the dude did a sub-12 and mentally toughed out the course. Herc, you ARE THE MAN!


There were a TON of cheerleaders out there to support the crew. Check out this chick, how mean is she? 🙂



Good luck to Carrie who is doing her first Ultra this weekend! It is a 50K and she has to do the trail run course 5x! Are there hills? Yes!! Estimated 1100 feet of climbing per 10K loop. YOU GO CARRIE!!! GOOD LUCK!!!

Until next time…Midget…OUT


2 Responses to “Ironman Florida & Ultra Carrie”

  1. You’re a dork! I love it!

  2. Gee – I wonder who that “mean” chick is? I think we know. 😉

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