The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The GOOD: My sister, Carrie, just casually tells me she is doing an Ultra Marathon not too long before it is being held. I know what it takes to complete one and after completing an IM I was like, huh? Girl, YOU ROCK! I am SO proud of my sister for getting out there and making a valiant attempt at the Mendon Park Trail Run! Not only was it a 50K (31 mile course) but it was a HILLY trail run with 1100 feet of climbing on every loop (5 x 10K loops)! Here is a little excerpt from Carrie:

It was a beautiful run through trails. There were constant hills; many of them torturous on the legs but the challenge was great. I made it 4 of the 5 laps so I finished about 25 of the 31 miles. My spirits were up but my legs felt like they were torn to shreds. I was really happy that I made it that far, although I would love to one day finish an ultra-flat ultra-marathon! My first 3 laps I did in about 3 hrs and 15 min but due to quite a bit of walking hills on the 4th lap (one where I needed my hands to help me climb), I ended with 4:38 (or technically a DNF). It was great having my Dad there to support me and other family members cheering for me from afar.


The BAD (as in BAD A$$): My girl JC BUTCHERED the Clearwater course in the World Championship 70.3 this past Saturday. This is where you are competing against the worlds top athletes in the half IM distance in your age group. JC finished 5th in her AG giving her a podium spot and the title of top in the world in AG 30-34. Seriously, the pain she must have endured to do that I would never be able to comprehend!! Girl, I am just thrilled for you!

The UGLY: My first wreck…Midgets on TT bikes do not belong on Group Rides 🙂


What a weekend..I DIG IT!!


2 Responses to “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”

  1. A good supply of neosporin and tylenol will do you good. Now suck it up and get back on your bike 🙂

  2. Stepmonster Says:

    Ouch! Hurts just to look at!

    Wow – your sister is much more cold-hearted than I would EVER have guessed 🙂

    You’re not showing your face so I’m guessing it’s unscathed ?

    Love ya!

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