Rock ‘n’ Roll San Antonio Style


What a FANTASTIC time I had in San Antonio! So where do I start? Oh, from the beginning 🙂

On my flight to San Antonio I get on the plane and when I sit down the lady next to me asks if I wrecked on my bike (my wounds tell a lot I guess). I told her I did and found out it was Melissa Spooner, 3-time Ironman Champion. A very cool way to start the trip and we talked the entire flight and she was amazing.

I get to the airport and my mini-me, Kavan, was there waiting for me with the best smile in the world!


Then I met for the first time, my little cutie pie, Rylee. How beautiful is she!!??


I had a great time playing with them and man do they tire you out! I needed a nap, forget them!

On Saturday Heather, Kavan, Rylee and I hopped in the car to go to the expo. We spent 3 hours there and had so much fun! Heather is such a giving person and a great Mom. She is signed up to be a Bone Marrow Donor and in my quest to be a better person she had me sign up at the expo and I felt great doing it.



Saturday evening we went out to dinner with some of the ladies that Heather teaches at the gym she works at. What a fun group!! They gave her a card and gift certificate to thank her for being their “Angel and Inspiration”. You make me so proud, Heather!  Of course Kavan made sure Aunt Kellie ate all her dinner and piled on the salad for me (can you say fiber)! I love you Kavan!

Ashley, Grace, Kelle and Heather - Way to go team MOMSTRONG

Ashley, Grace, Kelle and Heather - Way to go team MOMSTRONG



After a NO sleep night for Heather due to Rylee not sleeping well we were up and at ’em and headed to the race. Let’s just say we got into our corral with 2 min to spare and the race started 10 min late…ouch! But, what a perfect morning, the weather was chilly but when the sun came up it was spectacular! Heather had a goal of a 1:40:00 and I had a blast pacing her to a 1:39:33. Okay, she could have done it without me but I want credit for this one! She did amazing and I am not sure she knows how impressed I am! She gave birth 5 months ago, had bad lower back pain for a while, started to run 3 mos ago stating at a 8 min/mile pace and did 13.1 in a 7:35 pace. Heather, you ROCK!!



When we got back to the house Kavan had a sign made up for Mama and we then held the Rock ‘n’ Roll Kavan Race. Guess who won 🙂




A HUGE THANK YOU to Heather, Jeramie, Kavan and Rlyee for letting me visit and showing me a GREAT time!! Kavan, I will be back after Santa visits 🙂


One Response to “Rock ‘n’ Roll San Antonio Style”

  1. Actually, you are the one we need to thank! You were fantastic with both kids, and did not get a moment to yourself (even when you went to the bathroom 🙂 Kavan truly enjoyed your company, and a loud mouth companion! I guess we have to train both of you to use “normal voice” levels!

    As if helping with the kids wasn’t enough you were my backbone during the race. Holding me up until the finish! I just hope that since we come from the same gene pool I may get some of that ability of yours!

    We love you and Kavan wants to put stars on the calendar, so you better come up with a return date 🙂

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