Ironman Arizona


First up is a massive “YOU ROCK” to my friend Jay who crossed the line of Ironman Arizona yesterday. Looked like they had some perfect weather but heard the water temps were pretty cold! He pulled off a 56 min swim (what the heck??), 5:25 bike and 4:14 run for a 10:44 and that is pretty darn impressive. Jay, running tips are coming your way and get a pair of Newtons dude 🙂  Congrats, now relax and enjoy and hope to see you at one of the races in 2009 so you can watch me pass you on the run (joking!!).


Way to go Jay!

Destiny has been set for the Jacksonville group today and it was pretty hairy. After hitting refresh on for way too long we all managed to get a spot to endure some major pain on November 22, 2009! Ironman Arizona here we come! Congrats to those who will be making the trip to Tempe: Saswata, Shawn, Hercules, Kerry, Tony and Eric.

Until next time…Midget OUT


3 Responses to “Ironman Arizona”

  1. Damn. Jason is pretty hardcore. Even after slowing down a lot int he last 13 miles, 10:44 is hella respectable!

    The bar has been set for you though Kellie. All you need is a 10:44:08 and bragging rights are all yours. 🙂

  2. You had better reperesent next year midget! You have to catch all the boys on the run 😉

  3. Stepmonster Says:

    Congrats to you all! Hope you all get a lengthy stay to enjoy Arizona in November!

    Tell Jamie that 10:44:08 is noooooooo problem 🙂

    Love ya!

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