What’s Next?

As off season continues to rear its ugly head and my bike, run and leg strength training have come to a hault for a bit I wanted to ensure I had the right races on my schedule for 2009. My goal is to slim down the # of races and just sign up for a few key ones that would lead me to my ultimate goal. What that means is I need to work on my weaknesses and boy do I have a few!

I went to see the Orthopedic Surgeon yesterday and all looked good with the x-rays. Today I took a nap in the MRI machine while it took its sweet little time taking a million pictures. I get the results on Monday and that will allow me to see how the next 6 weeks will go.


If I have to stay off my leg for a bit then I will really work on my swimming both in the pool and in the weight room, strengthening the core muscles used in swimming.

My goals for 2009 will be to run the Breast Cancer Marathon on February 15th to start to build up my running again. Based on when I can start to pound the pavement again this may be a training run or an A race. That will be known early next week.


Then time to build power on the bike! I really wanted to sign up for a race, earlier in the year, that would be challenging and force me to build leg strength. I signed up for a GREAT race that I am so excited about. www.rev3tri.com is held on June 7th in Middlebury, CT and will pose some challenging hills on both the bike and run. The water temps are going to be very cold which will be a precursor to Ironman Arizona. It was the perfect race at the perfect time for me. I can’t wait! JC, if you are reading this, let me know when you are heading to the North Georgia Mountains and you can count me in!

Then the inaugural Augusta 70.3 on September 27th. This will tell me where I stand in my IMAZ training. I plan on going hard on this one. Time to feel what pain is and embrace it. I have always backed off a little when I knew it was going to hurt. 2009 is the year of pain (or is it the year of the rat??).

The last race of the season is my favorite distance and one that will be very different from my first two, Ironman Arizona. It will be interesting to see how I do on flat land and I can only pray for NO wind!!

I am starting to feel the excitement and waiting for my off season to end. Races are set in stone, goals are set and I know 2009 is going to be the Year of the Midget (yea, that’s it).



4 Responses to “What’s Next?”

  1. Hey Kel, I’ll be doing the Rev 3 HIM next year too! I’m actually at my parents house now, only 20 minutes from the race site and passed it on my way here. ( I haven’t actually paid for a slot yet, but it is on my ’09 plan). You are totally going to destroy me though. I’ve got some work ahead of me so I can keep up.

    Which gets me thinking, I probably owe a blog post about my 2009 plans…

    Maybe I’ll get to that after coming out of my Turkey coma tomorrow…

  2. Stepmonster Says:

    My first (maternal) response was “Wait!! Why all the emphasis on PAIN? What if you hurt yourself?”

    But my response based on my admiration and, yes awe, is to tell you that I can’t wait to see you obtain your goals and cheer you on with love and hugs!


  3. Sounds like you’re on the road to Kona baby! I am so proud of you already and I can’t imagine how crazy in awe of you I’ll be in ’09. Can you hear me cheering already? GET BETTER!!!

  4. Wow that half IM looks really cool. I might have to try and fit that in my 09 plans. That will force me to head up to N GA myself and get in some hill training. Whos coming with me?

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