Diagnosis Fracture(s) & New Coach!

Hope this blog entry finds everyone well and turkey free!

Just a few updates so you know I am still alive!

MRI has been revealed and I have two non-displaced fracture of the pelvis, one on the right and one on the left (so I even out). I was SO excited! 4-6 weeks of no running but still can hit the pool, bike and aqua jog/elliptical. It is nice to be back!

In my quest to continue to be a stronger more competitive athlete I found a fantastic coach! Thanks you Jamie for passing on his info!! We are going to be teammates and I am going to kick your butt in the Rev3 tri đŸ™‚ The best part? I am saving $75/mos so I am going to invest in a power meter. Everyone on A1A and PVB…watch out!!

Brett is a cool dude! When I wrote him he replied with the following…

I would be honored to take you on as my first female triathlete! I’m currently charging $ a month, which can be paid via paypal.

If you are looking for big gains on the swim and bike, you definitely came to the right place. Those are my specialties. I can have you dropping the competition on bike climbs and setting the pool on fire within a couple months.
Your run sounds awesome. I wouldn’t change that at all except to compliment the changes in the swim and bike workouts.
For starters, I want you to listen to the very latest The Age Grouper Podcast. Gold medal cyclist Kristin Armstrong talks for an hour, occasionally mentioning tips on getting faster on the bike. Aerodynamics, generating more power, focus, using effort level… It is very good stuff.
I need from you your typical workouts, hours per week, limiters, strengths, local terrain, and anything else you deem important for me to coach you.
Thanks and tell Jamie I said “Hey!”
– Brett

The Dude Who Has a Challenge Ahead of Him!

The Dude Who Has a Challenge Ahead of Him!

 That is all they wrote…until next time…Midget OUT!


One Response to “Diagnosis Fracture(s) & New Coach!”

  1. Welcome to Team ZenTri! Wahoo!

    I think we need t shirts made up or something.

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