Back in the Saddle


Sunday Morning Sunrise Over the Atlantic

What a fantastic weekend. I finally feel like I am back in my workout routine again. Saturday I put out a really good effort on the trainer for 90 min and 30 min aqua jog.

This morning (Sunday) it was time to hit the road on my bike. I have not done this since my wreck and I was ready. I woke up and the sun was rising over the Atlantic; it was just beautiful. I put on a million layers of clothing as it was only 40 degrees and a pretty descent wind coming from the north. Usually I get cold quick and my fingers and toes go numb.

shoe-covers2Not today! I wore my AWESOME Craft Shoe Covers that worked GREAT! On top of my riding gloves I wore the Target $1 pair of gloves Heather got me for the San Antonio Half and girl, they were perfect!

I met up with my friend Jim who is heading to the “2008 Florida Senior Games State Championship” for a 5 & 10K Time Trial on Tuesday and 20 & 40K road race on Thursday. Good luck Jim!  Shortly after we picked up Pete who is just a great guy. I wound up going 90 min with them and it was such a fun time. Nice to get out and enjoy the road again. Then hit the gym with my girl Joy for 50 min of core and upper body.

On to some great results!

My friend Tara did her second Marathon, Kiawah, this Saturday and did amazing! Final time: 4:09:48! This is almost 20 minute faster than Richmond and 00:4:12 faster than her goal. Tara, you are just amazing! Congrats to Nick as well! Next up Mobile, AL marathon on 1/11. Enjoy the heck out of that one Tara!

Then my girls JC and Joy ran the Savannah River Bridge Run. JC did the 10K in some ridiculously fast time (36 min and change) and placed 3rd female overall and took home some moooolaaaa! Nice job JC! Joy did the double pump (5K followed up by a 10K…yes…that is 3 bridges and they hurt) and finished 5th overall in the double pump category. Nice job girl!

That’s it for now…Midget…OUT


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