My New Toy

What is life without toy’s? Well, here is my new toy that will adorn my Cervelo P3 in a few short weeks. Can you say POWER!! I finally broke down and got a device that will help me see how I am performing on the bike.

It will not only help me but also allow my coach to see my power files and all the other cool stuff it provides so he can better regulate my workouts and see the results first hand. It will also allow him to determine what power I will need to sustain in my half and full Ironman races. Cool stuff!

CinQo Saturn with SRAM S900 Crank

CinQo Saturn with SRAM S900 Crank

Garmin 705

Garmin 705

More importantly CONGRATULATIONS to Jim for placing 4th in the 5K TT and  2nd in the 10K TT in the Senior Games State Championship! The 2nd place got him a qualifying spot for National in San Francisco! Thursday he will try for a qualifying spot in the Nationals Road Race by kicking butt in the 20K Road Race. Good luck Jim and congrats again!



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  1. you know another really great toy that you could add is the I love mine for running!!!

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