Pain & Determination

My favorite photos are those of expression. Pictures that you look at and try to figure out what the person is thinking & feeling. You start to make up a story in your head that describes what the picture is telling you. 500 people can look at the same picture and come up with 500 different stories.

I follow Lance Armstrong on Twitter and love to read what he is up to at any point in the day. He also provides some great photo’s. He put out a series of photo’s when he was at Kevin Livingston’s Pedal Hard getting tested by Chris, Dean, and Kevin. This one photo just floored me.

25 watt increments every 3 mins...OUCH!

25 watt increments every 3 mins...OUCH!

You can see more photo’s of Lance by clicking here:  Lance on Twitter

Very hectic weekend coming up with lots of GREAT stuff happening. I will have my camera handy for all events and report back on Sunday. Have a GREAT weekend all!


2 Responses to “Pain & Determination”

  1. I am leaving a comment for myself. I LOVE Lance’s body! I can’t stop looking to my left and seeing his pix. Not a productive way to work!!

  2. Uh hello…now you have me being unproductive at work looking at Lance’s picture.

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