Topics of Study

As we approach 2009 we put more emphasis on our goals for the coming year. We document them, ensure they are attainable, double check that they are realistic and at the end hope we can look at them a year from now and say ACCOMPLISHED. My coach gave his clients “topics of study” over the holiday’s and I really liked the thought of documenting them for prosperity.

1) What am I doing to make sure I don’t get injured with new injuries or old ones?

  • Stretch – if not every day at least after hard workouts
  • Core – this season I will work on keeping my core strong which will really help my power on the bike and my run form
  • Nutrition – both in a more healthy diet (already started and can feel a difference…who knew Costco had such awesome healthy food!) and in post workouts in the form of recovery drinks within 15 min of workout

2) Am I getting enough sleep? (Sleep is when your body rebuilds)

  • Yep! I will continue to work on getting 7 hours of sleep per night. That means I need to be in bed by 9, how sad is that!

3) What are my real goals this year?

  • To have FUN, smile and laugh. There is nothing better than enjoying the hell out of a race and everyone around you (athletes, volunteers, spectators, etc.). If you are not having fun then what’s the point?
My Warm Weather Race Suit I Custom Made

My Warm Weather Race Suit I Custom Made

  • Top 10 in AG in IMAZ, Top 4 in AG in Augusta 70.3, to SURVIVE the hills in Rev 3 Half IM and be a stronger cyclist from the hill training
700 ft. climb from mile 23-28 - OUCH!

700 ft. climb from mile 23-28 - OUCH!

  • Understand more of the technical aspects of my workouts, why am I doing what I am, is it working for me, how do I adjust so I do not burn out towards the end of the season when I have my major race, etc.

4) Am I striking a good tri/life balance?

  • Absolutely! Always have and always will. My only addiction is the Internet and I need to curb that at some point!

5) What is that “one thing” that makes me want to do triathlon? Am I centering my training around that?

  • The amazing people I have met through the sport and the friends I have made. All positive and see so much in me and help push me to be a better athlete.
  • To inspire others to adopt a healthy lifestyle. I don’t care what form of exercise, just get out and feel healthy. I hope the movie ATHLETE will help inspire many!

Ooooops…that is two things ๐Ÿ™‚

6) When is the last time I had my bike cables serviced and cleaned my ride? A clean bike is 10% faster than a dirty one.

  • My P3 is my baby! It gets a shower and a shine once a week and I take it to the bike shop for servicing 2x/yr.

7) Who have I helped in the sport lately? You all are already great athletes. You have much to offer those who want to learn.

  • Almost daily people ask me questions and I help in any way I can. Recently a person I work with asked what he could do to improve his running speed and of course I talked his ear off! There was a lady in the gym that wanted to get into tri’s and I talked to her about some sprint tri’s in the area and the tri club I belong to. I also was approached by Paul Spicer’s wife (Jaguars Defensive End – mind you he makes $4MM/yr and is like 300+lbs) and I told her to get a $100 Huffy mtn. bike at Kmart…ugh!! I think he can squish me!

Hopefully this did not put too many to sleep but inspired you to put your goals together for 2009 and see what you can accomplish!



5 Responses to “Topics of Study”

  1. That scary that you are giving advice on how to run faster ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Awesome post. I wanted to make sure that I had a chance to write my answers down before seeing yours so that I wasn’t influenced and my answers were all my own, but it is funny how similar they are!

    I’m glad you liked the outfit. Moonpie, who commented before you, clearly wasn’t a fan.

    I might have to design a Splish speedo for this season… any ideas? Maybe I’ll just have BULL written in big letters across the butt like the pros.

  3. GO KELLIE! I’m glad to see these, and I really like the way you thought about it (I think from your coach). I’ll be holding you to them, and hope you’ll hold me to mine too!

  4. Ps. I really like your race suit!

  5. Stepmonster Says:

    While some may look at your goals and see an intense drive, which I acknowledge as necessary, I see such joy in your spirit. It is this super positive and generous attitude that make you the great athlete and human that you are. I know 2009 will be filled with many wonderful adventures and achievements that will only give you more of yourself to share.

    P.S. Your race suit is fishtastic!!!!

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