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Sponsoring Age Group Athletes

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It has been really great to see companies reaching out to Age Group Athletes and give them the opportunity to apply for sponsorships to use and promote their products. For those of you that think the “Twitter freak” in me is overboard I challenge you. Kona Endurance hooked onto me in Twitter and it peaked my interest. I wrote the CEO to ask why their SUPER Recovery Drink was superior to the one I currently used and within no time at all he replied. I did a little more research on the ingredients and thought, I need to try this stuff.

Then they were promoting their AG Sponsorship on Twitter and I figured I would give it a shot.

Win/win for both myself and Kona Endurance. They now have a loyal customer who will promote their product and after a week of using Kona Endurance PRO and SUPER Recovery Drink I am in awe. I feel great, recovering faster than I ever have and the soreness in my quads and hams the day or so after a hard workout is no longer there. A really strong product.

The Tri Top & Products They Sent me

The Tri Top & Products They Sent me

January Selection for Kona Endurace Race Team

Until next time…Midget…OUT!


Running Bliss

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Sometimes giving up something that was a structured part of your life makes you realize how much you really enjoyed it when it is reintroduced. For me that was my love of running. This past week was my first full week back into running and I could not stop smiling. I even did two bricks workouts! I feel great and my confidence that I will come back a stronger runner in 2009 is exciting.


My friend, Donna, has been getting into running over the past few years. She was inspired to do a marathon and will be doing her first one in February and boy has she been putting in the miles. She is actually is doing longer miles than I have ever done for my training! She has battled injuries and has gone though the runners highs and lows. She ran a 5K this weekend and wrote me the following:

As corny as it sounds…Saturday at the race was the first time I felt like this is how it feels to push your body and go harder without any kind of misc pain or the feeling I can’t go all out because I can’t risk this or that. I mean its usually me just trying to get done and the pain….but nothing. Just the joy of running.

I was all smiles when I read that. She is going to have a fantastic marathon.

It also reminded me of a link I saw on Twitter (My name is Kellie and I am addicted to Twitter) that was to a blog entry from Jeff Galloway. It was titled “Happiness and Running” and I loved the last paragraph:

When the pace is right, your creative/intuitive “right brain” can bestow a sense of freedom that is unsurpassed, according to thousands who have reported in. A very simple sensation of inner peace settles in when you have not exceeded your speed limit. This often leads to an hour of right brain images, inspirations, creative ideas, solutions to problems, and access to seldom visited areas of our psyche that make the rest of the day…a very good experience.

The funny thing is that my new found happiness with running is making my bike rides more enjoyable too.

Me and My P3 Getting Ready to Ride

Me and My P3 Getting Ready to Ride

So whatever it is that you love to do, if you find it is not making you happy, try to remember why it brought you happiness in the first place and find yourself in that happiness again. It is a great feeling.

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Jonesing 4 Fitness is BORN!

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The two people that inspire me to be the best person I can in life, work and my sport are my two sister, Carrie and Heather. As we have grown from little Tomboys playing in the woods on 10 acres of land to following our passions in life we have always supported each other to reach all our goals.

One of my favorite memories was going to Ohio to run the Air Force Half Marathon with my sisters. Yes, they both beat my time by one second and would not let me live it down!


Then there was the Rock ‘N’ Roll Half Marathon where Heather set a goal time and trained hard to ensure she met that goal. This was right after having little Rylee. She did it and I was SO proud of her.


Oh yea, how about that Ultrabodies competition!


On January 16, 2009 Heather started her own business. When she sent her first newsletter out I actually had tears in my eyes. She is such a dedicated mom, wife and mentor/coach to the ladies in the gym that she worked for. Words can’t explain how proud and amazed I am with the journey she is about to embark on. She will help so many people to reach their goals and dreams to live a healthy lifestyle. We are all so excited for you, Heather! WAY TO GO!

Here is the January Newsletter that boasts a special “Athlete of the Month” on page 3 that was a special touch for her two old sisters 🙂

Jonesing 4 Fitness – January Newsletter

(when you select this link it will take you to another active link to select)

One PROUD midget…until next time…MIDGET OUT!

9 weeks and 4 days

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9 weeks and 4 days since I last ran. This is nothing compared to the number of days since Lance’s last pro race, 1274 days to be exact!

Lance's New Ride with 1274 Depicted

Lance's New Ride with 1274 Depicted

Tomorrow morning I am venturing out to test out the old bones. Ahhh, I can’t wait 🙂

Things I love or am looking forward to loving:

1) My employer! They just paid for my Gate River Run Entry (way to support a healthy lifestyle!)

2) Smucker’s Natural Peanut Butter with Honey (Creamy) ROCKS! I actually may love this more than Lance’s body (although my buddy Sean Crichton loves Lance’s body more than me per his comment left on my last post!). If I could figure out portion size I would be better off but EAT MOR PEANUTBTR (Dad, this is not a misspelling, just a Chick-fil-A joke!)…  Read me

3) Speaking of Sean, he told me about these bake-at-home snacks that look AMAZING. Healthy, easy to make and will help give me a good boost during the work day when I start to crash! You can even add ingredients (he told me to add peanut butter protein powder to the chocolate ones…hello…you know I love PB!). Check them out: Matisse & Jack’s Bake-at-Home Snacks



4) Interesting documentary that is being made on Jason Lester: A Painted Race. Great site and if you are a Twitter freak like me you can follow him: Jason on Twitter.  Dave Lam (director/producer of the movie ATHLETE) sent Carrie and I a sneak peek of the ATHLETE movie trailer and OMG it was amazing! He is done with the official movie poster (he told me it was “sick”) and is now working on the character posters for each athlete. Does the guy ever slow down?

5) Ultraman is the next 40! I have been pondering what that “BIG” thing is that I want to do when I am hitting the ripe young age of 40 and yesterday I was looking all over the Ultraman site and realized THAT is what I want to do. It only takes 35 participants (+ relay teams) and it is by invite only. My quest has begun to see how to get in; November 2010 on Thanksgiving weekend. Carrie and Heather, YOU are my support crew so be ready. P.s. my girl Tara just signed up for an Ultra Marathon 12 days before her 40th (is it something in the air?).

Until next post…Midget…OUT!

Words of Wisdom

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I was listening to an Ironman Talk podcast and they were interviewing Mark Allen.  He was talking about how training was one part of the equation for racing an Ironman. He said something that I really liked. Hopefully I did not butcher the quote but Mark Allen said, The thing that will make your race go from good to great is what you have done on an emotional and spiritual level to get ready to make you stronger from the inside out so you can find a sense of calm in the midst of the absolute chaos that goes on out there. Okay, how could you not love that. I am far from spiritual or emotional but that was great!

One of my Twitter buddies (hey Macky!) posted a link to a blog where they have Zen Stories. This is a quick read and helps remind you that you are in control of your destiny. Even if things don’t go your way (in life, your sport, etc.) it is how you react to it that sets your destiny:  Zen Story for Today – “Destiny”.

Some Words of Wisdom from Triathlete Magazine on Twitter: If you cramp on the run, let all the air out of your lungs and bend over slowly. Stand up without breathing in, and your cramp is gone!

Okay, words only go so far. Pictures are worth a thousand words! Ladies, get your drool cup ready and enjoy the scenery! Lance is a Twitter freak and I dig the pics and updates he sends. He was in Kona for over a week and is now in Australia for the Tour Down Under (1/20-1/25). I thought this would be a nice mid-week gift to my lady readers 🙂

Aloha Lance!

Aloha Lance!

Lance & Chris Carmichael

Lance & Chris Carmichael

Chris Reminding Lance Why He is Doing This

Chris Reminding Lance Why He is Doing This

Lance Fighting the Wind

Lance Fighting the Wind

Lance on His New Ride In Australia - What is Up With That Cycling Kit

Lance on His New Ride In Australia - What is Up With That Cycling Kit?

Okay, I am now at peace with myself and full of drool.


Me, Myself and RocKeTT

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Change. It is the word for 2009 as it relates to my training and work. It should be an interesting and fruitful year as I have always adapted well to change and actually embrace it. With the economic environment as it is today a job is a luxury and there are hundreds of people lined up that would be happy to have mine. My job, in part, is changing the way our clients do their job by streamlining, standardizing and simplifying. I have thought about how successful I have been at that and how I could translate that into my training and racing.


Kim Loeffler is a pro triathlete and I was reading her blog. She had a blog entry that was a quick read and was really impactful : Kim Loeffler – Trying Some New Things!

A couple things I am going to change up this year:

1) I am going to race all NEW courses this year. It is going to be really great to have the excitement and anticipation back in my sport. Last year I did tri’s that I had done in the past and dreaded and that took a toll on my confidence even before the race started.

2) I am going to LOVE that which I fear. Wind, hills and cold water WAS my limiter and this year my training will help me get past that and learn how to face them head on.

3) Then there is one that is going to be the hardest but the most critical. I have been summoned to LOVE my power meter and name it (thanks Brett)! My 3 week builds have long 4-6 hour rides on Sat. with a 60-90 min run off the bike. I have always enjoyed Sat. with my tri geek friends. Now it will only be me and RocKeTT (my power meter). I took the first initial of my nieces and nephews names and came up with the name (R= Rylee, K=Kavan, T=Teagan, T=Tyler). But, that will make it more exciting every 4th week (recovery week) to join my friends for a ride.

4) Get in the water! My coach swam on a competitive swim team and has me swimming 4x per week. I put in 13,000 yds. (7.4 miles) of swimming this week and that is just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s just say I will have the permanent smell of chlorine on me for a long time!



Here’s to change and breakthroughs in 2009!


Smile! Even When It Hurts?

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I was listening to an Ironman Talk Podcast while I was doing hill intervals and they were interviewing Chrissie Wellington. She had a classic line in there that I just loved, “Smile, even when it hurts.”  For those of you that enjoy your sport and want to get to the next level I figured you would like this.

Well, I smiled on my 3rd 5 min hill interval after hearing this and it worked wonders! My power was higher than my first 2 and I felt great! Then I forgot to smile on my last one and all I kept saying in my head was, “When is this interval going to end?”  The result, NOT good! HR jumped, power plummeted and I just gave in. Smile, it really does work.

Interval #4 - POP!!

Interval #4 - POP!!

Okay, I have to share this! I LOVED this blog entry titled “The 5 Mindsets Of A Champion“, everyone should read this as it applies to every aspect of life. I suggest reading it once a week it is that good! This is how it starts, “You can become a champion in whatever you like whether it be washing the dishes or mastering a new skill. One of the hardest things to win over is your mind, at the end of the day achieving anything usually comes from a strong mental outlook and enthusiasm for what your doing……”  READ IT!