Ringing 2009 In The Right Way


Since I am too old to stay up past 10:00 and I don’t drink I rung the New Year in Kellie style! New Years Eve was a blast. Got up early (as usual) and got in 45 min of aqua jogging, 100 push ups tossed in there, 10 min of hard abs and 45 min on the trainer to spin the old legs out. Got some work done then off to the Gator Bowl 5K and Gator Bowl Parade!

I saw a ton of people I knew running the 5K that started at 1:30 in the afternoon. Congrats to all that finished. It was really warm out with some heavy winds. Watching from the sidelines were JC, Joy and myself. I have been watching too many runs lately, need to get back out there!

JC, Joy and Kellie at the Gator Bowl 5K

JC, Joy and Kellie at the Gator Bowl 5K

Then the Parade stated and man there were a ton of bands from ALL over the United States. Who knew there we so many talented kids! But my favorite part of the parade was Saswata, Anjna, Calliou and Leo. Yep, they walked in the parade and they were a hit!


After some yummy food with my friends it was off to bed early so I could get up and enjoy a nice New Years bike ride. Okay, it about killed me!! I met up with 7 guys who were all cyclists and the winds were 18 mph with gusts up to 30 mph. NOT EASY! I got in 40 miles and got dropped twice. But, the workout was insane and I am happy I survived it!

We had some bubbly after to ring in the New Year and life is good…except I have to get on the trainer for another hour to get in 60 miles for the day! Notice what I will be hydrating with 🙂

Thanks for the Bubbly, Jim!

Thanks for the Bubbly, Jim!

Oh yea, last but not least I am ready to start the healthy eating! I am still a big fan of chocolate and will not deprive my body of that but this year I have to learn to love milled flax seed 🙂

Here is to a healthly start to the new year!

Here is to a healthy start to the new year!




2 Responses to “Ringing 2009 In The Right Way”

  1. Eat good to be good……….. that’s gonna be one of my main goals this year too. But dang those apple fritters at Starbux are GOOOOD.

  2. Sounds like a great way to start off the New Year! Keep on killing it!

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