Fun in the Saddle

First I have to blog and brag about my healthy yet WAY TASTY Southwestern soup I made with Corn Muffins. Resolution, to learn to use my stove/oven and eat healthy. I started off on the right foot! Okay, it looks ugly but proof is in the picture, I did it!!

Southwestern Soup & Corn Muffin

Southwestern Soup & Corn Muffin

Seriously, here is the recipe and it made enough for me to chow on for the first half of the work week. I made it with turkey and left off the sour cream for a healthier soup but it was still awesome. BETTER if you let sit overnight!

Southwestern Soup recipe from Southern Living Magazine. The corn muffins, Jiffy! Why bother making from scratch when Jiffy makes them perfect with no effort!

Well, tomorrow starts my structured workouts. It has been a while since I have had to follow a set schedule and it has been really nice. Back to the grind and looking forward to it. I also have my doctor’s appointment tomorrow to see if I am healing up. In anticipation that I can run in the next week or so I hit it hard on the bike the past few weeks. Last week I logged 185 miles on the bike and this week a personal record of 242 miles! I feel stronger and more confident. Great start to the new year! Thanks to Jim and Kerry for the interval rides and Saswata and Brett for my fitness rides. All working wonders!

For those of you that have a resolution to workout there is a cool way to log your workouts for the week so you can track yourself for FREE. It is a good way to hold yourself accountable. Check it out:

To follow the insanity you can find my workouts on, just click here

Here is to a good start to the new year!



One Response to “Fun in the Saddle”

  1. That soup rocks! My wife made it for our family last week. And with the Jiffy muffins, tasty!

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