Smile! Even When It Hurts?

I was listening to an Ironman Talk Podcast while I was doing hill intervals and they were interviewing Chrissie Wellington. She had a classic line in there that I just loved, “Smile, even when it hurts.”  For those of you that enjoy your sport and want to get to the next level I figured you would like this.

Well, I smiled on my 3rd 5 min hill interval after hearing this and it worked wonders! My power was higher than my first 2 and I felt great! Then I forgot to smile on my last one and all I kept saying in my head was, “When is this interval going to end?”  The result, NOT good! HR jumped, power plummeted and I just gave in. Smile, it really does work.

Interval #4 - POP!!

Interval #4 - POP!!

Okay, I have to share this! I LOVED this blog entry titled “The 5 Mindsets Of A Champion“, everyone should read this as it applies to every aspect of life. I suggest reading it once a week it is that good! This is how it starts, “You can become a champion in whatever you like whether it be washing the dishes or mastering a new skill. One of the hardest things to win over is your mind, at the end of the day achieving anything usually comes from a strong mental outlook and enthusiasm for what your doing……”  READ IT!



2 Responses to “Smile! Even When It Hurts?”

  1. Awesome data! You should set up the HAM thread on your computer in front of you for that fourth interval. 🙂

    I can’t wait to get tested in a few months to see what my power numbers are like. But I’ve got a lot of pistol squats to do between now and then!

    I saw that you tweeted that article the other day. Loved it! It really got my mind going and gave me some ideas to stay focused this year. Great way to start off ’09.

  2. You know that “smile” becomes a sharks grin in a competition as you pass people 😉

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