Words of Wisdom

I was listening to an Ironman Talk podcast and they were interviewing Mark Allen.  He was talking about how training was one part of the equation for racing an Ironman. He said something that I really liked. Hopefully I did not butcher the quote but Mark Allen said, The thing that will make your race go from good to great is what you have done on an emotional and spiritual level to get ready to make you stronger from the inside out so you can find a sense of calm in the midst of the absolute chaos that goes on out there. Okay, how could you not love that. I am far from spiritual or emotional but that was great!

One of my Twitter buddies (hey Macky!) posted a link to a blog where they have Zen Stories. This is a quick read and helps remind you that you are in control of your destiny. Even if things don’t go your way (in life, your sport, etc.) it is how you react to it that sets your destiny:  Zen Story for Today – “Destiny”.

Some Words of Wisdom from Triathlete Magazine on Twitter: If you cramp on the run, let all the air out of your lungs and bend over slowly. Stand up without breathing in, and your cramp is gone!

Okay, words only go so far. Pictures are worth a thousand words! Ladies, get your drool cup ready and enjoy the scenery! Lance is a Twitter freak and I dig the pics and updates he sends. He was in Kona for over a week and is now in Australia for the Tour Down Under (1/20-1/25). I thought this would be a nice mid-week gift to my lady readers 🙂

Aloha Lance!

Aloha Lance!

Lance & Chris Carmichael

Lance & Chris Carmichael

Chris Reminding Lance Why He is Doing This

Chris Reminding Lance Why He is Doing This

Lance Fighting the Wind

Lance Fighting the Wind

Lance on His New Ride In Australia - What is Up With That Cycling Kit

Lance on His New Ride In Australia - What is Up With That Cycling Kit?

Okay, I am now at peace with myself and full of drool.



2 Responses to “Words of Wisdom”

  1. No shame in my game – I drool over Lance. That guy is a straight up stud.

  2. Actually I think Chris may be reminding Lance that he shouldn’t be riding without a helmet! Because thats the kind of thing a coach would do exactly when you are pushing some major gears to get up some major hill, annoy you lol

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