Jonesing 4 Fitness is BORN!

The two people that inspire me to be the best person I can in life, work and my sport are my two sister, Carrie and Heather. As we have grown from little Tomboys playing in the woods on 10 acres of land to following our passions in life we have always supported each other to reach all our goals.

One of my favorite memories was going to Ohio to run the Air Force Half Marathon with my sisters. Yes, they both beat my time by one second and would not let me live it down!


Then there was the Rock ‘N’ Roll Half Marathon where Heather set a goal time and trained hard to ensure she met that goal. This was right after having little Rylee. She did it and I was SO proud of her.


Oh yea, how about that Ultrabodies competition!


On January 16, 2009 Heather started her own business. When she sent her first newsletter out I actually had tears in my eyes. She is such a dedicated mom, wife and mentor/coach to the ladies in the gym that she worked for. Words can’t explain how proud and amazed I am with the journey she is about to embark on. She will help so many people to reach their goals and dreams to live a healthy lifestyle. We are all so excited for you, Heather! WAY TO GO!

Here is the January Newsletter that boasts a special “Athlete of the Month” on page 3 that was a special touch for her two old sisters 🙂

Jonesing 4 Fitness – January Newsletter

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One PROUD midget…until next time…MIDGET OUT!


3 Responses to “Jonesing 4 Fitness is BORN!”

  1. I have to whole-heartedly agree with my older sister. Heather balances so many things in life and does them with a smile! She is writing running and strength plans for me and I felt a difference in less than a week! She pushes me to places that I thought I could never go and introduces me to more efficient and effective workouts! The nutrition part is a biggie with Heather. I used to always feel tired and now that I am eating well, even when I only get 5 hours of sleep, I feel great…Heather, can you make a sleep plan out for me? Her business will take off and fly; I just know it will. There is no trainer out there that will give the personalized touch to each and every one of her clients that Heather will and does. Way to go Heather and thanks for blogging on it Kel…you are my two inspirations as well!

  2. OH YEAH, one more thing…during the Air Force 1/2 marathon, Kellie ran backwards almost the whole way to keep me going and then let me win by one second only because she thought that if I fell backwards after I went across the line that she would be there to catch me. Thanks for not putting that OTHER picture in!

  3. Are you guys like all twins or something? WOW talk about a family resemblance!

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