Running Bliss

Sometimes giving up something that was a structured part of your life makes you realize how much you really enjoyed it when it is reintroduced. For me that was my love of running. This past week was my first full week back into running and I could not stop smiling. I even did two bricks workouts! I feel great and my confidence that I will come back a stronger runner in 2009 is exciting.


My friend, Donna, has been getting into running over the past few years. She was inspired to do a marathon and will be doing her first one in February and boy has she been putting in the miles. She is actually is doing longer miles than I have ever done for my training! She has battled injuries and has gone though the runners highs and lows. She ran a 5K this weekend and wrote me the following:

As corny as it sounds…Saturday at the race was the first time I felt like this is how it feels to push your body and go harder without any kind of misc pain or the feeling I can’t go all out because I can’t risk this or that. I mean its usually me just trying to get done and the pain….but nothing. Just the joy of running.

I was all smiles when I read that. She is going to have a fantastic marathon.

It also reminded me of a link I saw on Twitter (My name is Kellie and I am addicted to Twitter) that was to a blog entry from Jeff Galloway. It was titled “Happiness and Running” and I loved the last paragraph:

When the pace is right, your creative/intuitive “right brain” can bestow a sense of freedom that is unsurpassed, according to thousands who have reported in. A very simple sensation of inner peace settles in when you have not exceeded your speed limit. This often leads to an hour of right brain images, inspirations, creative ideas, solutions to problems, and access to seldom visited areas of our psyche that make the rest of the day…a very good experience.

The funny thing is that my new found happiness with running is making my bike rides more enjoyable too.

Me and My P3 Getting Ready to Ride

Me and My P3 Getting Ready to Ride

So whatever it is that you love to do, if you find it is not making you happy, try to remember why it brought you happiness in the first place and find yourself in that happiness again. It is a great feeling.

Until next time…Midget…OUT!


2 Responses to “Running Bliss”

  1. I am so happy that you are back to your first love – running!

    You are going to have the MOST magnificent year!

    Love and hugs,

    PS – Great photo!

  2. That is awesome. I grew up loving running running and being a hardcore cross country runner in high school, but haven’t felt that love for running until the last few weeks since I’ve been able to really build up a strong running base again.

    I know exactly how you feel (except for the injury recovery part).

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