Sponsoring Age Group Athletes


It has been really great to see companies reaching out to Age Group Athletes and give them the opportunity to apply for sponsorships to use and promote their products. For those of you that think the “Twitter freak” in me is overboard I challenge you. Kona Endurance hooked onto me in Twitter and it peaked my interest. I wrote the CEO to ask why their SUPER Recovery Drink was superior to the one I currently used and within no time at all he replied. I did a little more research on the ingredients and thought, I need to try this stuff.

Then they were promoting their AG Sponsorship on Twitter and I figured I would give it a shot.

Win/win for both myself and Kona Endurance. They now have a loyal customer who will promote their product and after a week of using Kona Endurance PRO and SUPER Recovery Drink I am in awe. I feel great, recovering faster than I ever have and the soreness in my quads and hams the day or so after a hard workout is no longer there. A really strong product.

The Tri Top & Products They Sent me

The Tri Top & Products They Sent me

January Selection for Kona Endurace Race Team

Until next time…Midget…OUT!


7 Responses to “Sponsoring Age Group Athletes”

  1. Sick new gear! Congratulations on the sponsorship.

    Honestly, I’ve always had sort of a sketchy image of Kona Endurance, but am glad that you’ve had good experiences so far. I’m always up for being proven wrong.

  2. Kellie, congrats!
    awesome picture, too! you should send that into Kona Endurance! I bet your results far outweigh mine (I just applied).
    You rock!

  3. Congrats on the sponsorship, nice gear. have to try them out I am always on the lookout for better products to help out on the training.

  4. That is very cool. Congrats on the Sponsorship!

    I’ll have to go check them out. I could use a good recovery drink.

  5. I’ll have to check that stuff out.

    BTW – do you have permits for those “guns”?

    Dang, remind me to never arm-wrassle you.

  6. Welcome to the fold gal! I’m in the team too!

  7. Kellie !
    Congrats – huge and way to go!
    Nice to hear the kudos for Kona Endurance…wondered about it myself.
    Thank you for posting your blog on the gotribalnow.com website. Stuff like this will be great for the women joining the global TRIbe!
    Onward and upward!

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