Swimming: The Other Discipline

All triathletes have that one discipline that they find challenging. No matter how hard or long you go the improvement is minimal and you just sit there and shake your head and try to figure out what you can do differently to get better. For me that one discipline is SWIMMING!

My  coach says to me, “You need to get in the pool!”  He had me doing 4 pool sessions a week and 3 of them are hard effort swims with one endurance swim. Supposedly time and hard efforts will help me to start to feel the water and perfect my form to what feels right for me. Two weeks and 25,000 yds. later I actually know what a catch and pull feels like for more than 3 strokes! I have a long way to go and my coach has me focusing on some key workouts and I look forward to continued improvement (even if it is only to cut a few min off my IM swim time, I will be much more efficient and fresh coming out of the water). Note: he really wants me to get my tush into Masters Swim but that is not going to happen but I suggest it for anyone who has the willingness to do so.

The one things I am a BIG proponent of is to extend your stroke as you go to air. Cool video for you triathletes out there.

It is also great to swim with others that are faster than you. Yes, JC has been kicking my butt in the pool on Monday’s and it has been really good for me. Joy, you need to join us more often 🙂

Onto other items:

1) It is important to let go of your sport and go hang out with your friends to remind yourself there is life beyond work and triathlons. I go out with the girls on Friday night and right when we walk into “The Loop” to grab some yummy pizza JC sees Track and Field on the TV and we did not hear from her the rest of the evening (joking, sort of). We had a great time and congrats to Courtney for making the First Place Sports Running Team and to JC who just got sponsored by Brooks (that is huge)!

JC, Joy, Holly, Courtney & me (looking stoned)

JC, Joy, Holly, Courtney & me (looking stoned)

2) I now understand the importance of NUTRITION, SUPPLEMENTS, MASSAGES and HOT EPSOM SALT BATHS to help recovery and performance!

NUTRITION: I am on week two of my nutrition plan my sister, Heather (Owner of Jonesing 4 Fitness), has me on. It is awesome and yes I am eating my veggies! Who ever thought I would be making Tilapia? NOT me! My favorite is my snacks in which are these incredible shakes. I never feel hungry and never over stuffed. I am maintaining my weight and have more energy then ever. You ROCK SIS!

SUPPLEMENTS: I have taken supplements in the past but really never felt they “worked” for me. I am getting older but at the same time should be in the midst of my peak years. It only took a week to see the positive effects Kona Endurance had on my recovery and performance. Kona Endurance – Solid Product!

MASSAGES: A friend of mine gave me a gift certificate for a massage (thanks Steph!) and highly recommended this lady. OH MY GOD she was amazing (she even went into the side of my abdomen to get to the most used part of the hip flexor – who knew!). It really pays to get a GREAT massage therapist who understands you and what your needs are. TREAT YOURSELF, it really does wonders for your body.

HOT EPSOM SALT BATHS: People believe me this is heaven on earth. Select the link below and scroll down and look at the bullet points pertaining to the benefits. Amazing Health Benefits of Epsom Salt Baths

Oh yea, for those that are afraid of my “guns” (funny comment on my last post), try dropping and doing 20 push-ups on every mile (or 10 minutes) of your runs (be smart…not on your speed/hill workouts) and you will see some awesome core and upper body benefits (my coach actually includes this in my training plan and it is really effective).

Hope some find these tips helpful…until next time…Midget…OUT!


5 Responses to “Swimming: The Other Discipline”

  1. Haha. He said intimate stroking position. (snicker…)

    A good massage therapist is invaluable! I love mine and may never leave her.

    I noticed the “guns” in the last post too. Glad the push-running is working for you too! Mine has dropped off a bit since the ground has frozen up here, but between that and the extra core work, my core is already WAY stronger than last year.

  2. Great blog. I will start taking Epsom Salt baths 3x per week and getting one massage every other week. My swim training tends to correlate more with the massage schedule than my bathing one but I’ll try to reverse that!

  3. I am also a HUGE fan of the push-ups while running. I just got in from doing 5 x 400 hill repeats….at the top of every hill 20 push-ups. Yup 100 push-ups in under 25 minutes….I also include jump squats/jump lunges…nothing makes your legs hurt so good! All this work and I just hope to move a little further up in the “middle of the pack”

  4. Now when I go swim tomorrow I will have to check how I breath – I think I do this a bit anyway since it gives you the most open air pocket – but I have never thought too much of it.

  5. Great tips! Thanks!

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