Red Tide

If anyone has ever experienced Red Tide you know it is a phenomenon that can literally ‘take your breath away’. The past few weeks I have been receiving amazing emails and comments on my blog that do just that, take my breath away. Look what my sister, Carrie, has done:


Before you read on about this 100 mile bike ride that I will be participating in, I would just like to give you a little bit of background. This is something I am doing because Kellie, my wonderful sister, without knowing, has inspired me to do. Her pay-it-forward “campaign” has really hit home with me as well as many others who follow her successes and philanthropy. Many of us have so much, even though we may not think about it. I know I even take for granted the wonderful things I have and sometimes complain about trivial things! Well, I am becoming more in tune with the real struggles and hardships that people endure when their health is compromised. I see people like my sisters and my friend Dave Lam (director and producer of ATHLETE) always giving of themselves for the betterment of others. I have been motivated to do the same (I am even registering as a bone marrow donor, as both of my sisters have). Whether you donate (money…not bone marrow) or not, stop to think once and a while how lucky you are because even when things seem tough…there are millions of people out there who have it tougher and find the strength to smile. I am doing this because I can. I am doing this for those who can’t. Even $5 or $10 can make a difference. Be inspired…and then become one who inspires. Thank you. Support Carrie in the Tour De Cure 2009 OR join the Tour!


I am so thrilled that Carrie and my friend, Sara, have been inspired to joined the National Bone Marrow Donor Program! Carrie wrote me an email that said, “It was touching because the lady there knew 2 young people who passed because they didn’t get a donor in time. Their pictures are on a pin that I’m wearing and the girl swabbing her cheeks next to me went to school with one of them. So sad but made me feel good to help!

gotribal_color501Holy COW has GOTRIbal taken off! Take a look at the profiles of my friends that have taken the leap to join the Tribe!! Carrie (my cool sis), Susan – YES – THE Susan Wallis who is going by “Susan Marie” because, as she says, “everyone should have a double name!”, my girl MADNESS who is so crazy you can’t help but love her AND my college girl, Shannon, who just signed up for her first triathlon and joined the tribe for support! If you join don’t forget to be my friend!

athleteSOOOO many cool things happening with ATHLETE right now. Most I can’t say as Dave has sworn me to secrecy (does he know my name is Tella-Kellie?) but hopefully by mid-March some great things will be announced and then let the inspiration begin! The funny thing is one of my college girls that I played soccer with (and just love), Terri Holler, commented on my blog and said she reserved ATHLETE on Netflix and none of us, not even DAVE, knew it was out there! Check out the ATHLETE blog post on GOTRIbal and Netflix!

Yea, life is pretty hectic right now but I can’t remember a time I have been happier. It is ALL good!

Until next time…Midget…OUT!


One Response to “Red Tide”

  1. Ug! I hate secrets! I wanna know! I guess I’ll have to wait. I’m having a great time at GOTRIbal. I’m hoping a few people I know will sign up soon. Thanks for the constant inspiration. Guess who’s getting a Defy Definition poster in the mail soon?? I gonna scotch tape my picture in the middle. haha.

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