What It Must Feel Like To Potentially Save A Life

As I am putting together my next blog entry (hint: time for Threshold Workouts peeps) I received some amazing news. My sister Heather had been contacted as the last possible bone marrow match to save a life. I have chills thinking about it, about how my sister is an angel and how lucky I am to have the most amazing sisters in the world. She wrote Carrie and I an email that I wanted to share. Let’s give her our support by commenting on how proud we are of her!

Sooooo… I got the call today that I am the last possible bone marrow match for the individual w/leukemia that I was contacted about 9 months ago! I start the physicals next week starting w/more blood draws so they can analyze my DNA to see if I am a close enough match. If it is a go…then I am off to DC for more physicals…if I am still good then we will set the date for donation. The process can take up to 6 months…but I know this has been moved to an urgent status. Today I had emails and messages on my home and cell phones when I talked to the guy at the bone marrow place his first words were “we’ve been waiting for you.”

So pray…pray that the 64 year old man that is waiting for a donor keeps fighting, that his family stays strong, and that I am a close enough match! I know being a donor can be scary…but the ultimate positive outcome is life. Can you imagine if there was someone who could have helped save Grammy’s life! How much more time we would have had with her! So rest assure that you both made a great decision to be on the donor list. Even if you are never contacted…your heart is in the right place!

I love you guys

Heather and Rylee

Heather and Rylee

Heather, Kavan and Rylee

Heather, Kavan and Rylee

Until next time…Midget…OUT


3 Responses to “What It Must Feel Like To Potentially Save A Life”

  1. I was smiling and crying at the same time when I read Heather’s email. Lately I have understood how it really feels when “your heart swells with pride.” I’m proud of my both of my sisters’ undying commitment to make people better, healthier, and more informed. I’m proud of my new friend Kelly from GOTRIbal who has broken through more barriers than I could ever have imagined to find who she really is as a person and athlete. I am proud of Dave Lam for starting a “Cycle of Giving” that will touch the lives of countless people in need. I want to be more like them and so many others who have an inner strength that can make a heart swell and burst with pride.

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  3. YES! Threshold testing is important, Just finished my own threshold test yesterday.

    Your sister is doing an amazing thing. Alot of great folks do things like raise money for good causes and such and Thank God for them! But seldom do you actually get to see or know who exactly you are helping. It must be sooo rewarding. But that there is real sacrifice is what makes it even more noble. Congrats to your Sis for being who she is, and for doing such a great thing!

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