Balance With A Smile

As many athletes can attest, finding balance in your life is sometimes challenging. Work, life, training, family, friends…how do you fit it all in? The answer…somehow we find a way! Our sport keeps us balanced, it gives us time to think, plan, release, ponder, wonder, and revive. As my friend JC pointed out to me yesterday, “You have not updated your blog, SLACKER!”  So to keep JC happy and give everyone a smile until I can actually write a “meaningful” entry I saw a tweet on this video that had me rolling. Anyone that has done a marathon or longer endurance race can relate but the BEST part of the video (for you men) is the last 5 seconds!! Enjoy!

The day after the Marathon

Until my balance has returned (I love my job, I love my job, I love my job)…Midget…OUT!


6 Responses to “Balance With A Smile”

  1. Haha. That is funny! Thankfully, my nipples have always stayed in tact after a race.

  2. Nice video! I think I saw a few of those wobbles this weekend. I hate it when my nipples chaff like that the next day at work 🙂

  3. Nipples? Chaffing? I don’t even have nipples to chaff! But I do have a mean wobble.

  4. haha, this whole bloody nipple thing is just overrated! After a few races it just gets sanded down to little callouses. lol

  5. Your still a slacker!

  6. That video is too funny!

    That is pretty much how I walk the day after a marathon.

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