Nobody Knows You Better Than Yourself

YOU know what your goals are. YOU know what you want to accomplish. YOU know how much time you have to train each day. YOU know when you need to switch things around due to priorities. YOU know yourself better than anyone.

Setting Goals and Priorities:

Athletes, ones new to the sport of triathlon as well as ones that have participated in multiple seasons, sometimes forget the key aspect that will allow for a smooth, less stressful season. That is the task of simply setting goals and priorities for yourself prior to your season starting. It is like any other aspect of your life, without goals how do you know what direction you are going in?

Training Methodology and Race Selection Should Compliment Your Goals and Priorities:

How do you apply your priorities and goals to your race and training schedule? First set your priorities in life so you know where triathlons land. For example, this is my priority list:

Priority 1: My Professional Life – I knew coming into 2009 that with massive layoffs I would either be looking for a job or working the job of 2 people. I also have a retirement date (exiting Corporate America gracefully) I am working towards so I needed to start to put time and effort into my next passion. That means research time, social networking and possibly taking classes.

Priority 2: My Personal Life – Vacation, family & friends! This year I opted to take some vacations that did NOT include a triathlon. It is hard to take a long vacation when you have several endurance events on your schedule. Successfully, I planned two 1+ week vacations directly after my first half IM and my full IM. Sort of a reward and keeps me going in my training. I also need to see my sister, I miss her. 🙂 Friends — more on that in a minute!

Priority 3: Triathlon – This is self explanatory ( I think?). For the past 3 years I let my tri schedule take priority #1. This year it still makes the top 3 but got pushed down a few slots.

I took my priorities and set my 2009 triathlon season goals (very simple this year):

1) Only sign up for 3 endurance races – check!

2) Work with my coach to set a training schedule that is easy to follow and will optimize the limited time I have to train – check!

3) Have fun, meet new people, train with focus and race with heart – so far so good!

4) Beat Javier and Jamie in the Rev3 (okay, at least give you a run for your money) 🙂

5) Know how much the airlines are going to SUCK out of me when I hand over my bike box and pray it makes it in one piece! Airline Fee Chart

FRIENDS! I spend more time with my friends as I train! It is great training with top age group athletes (who do or can race armature pro). They are focused and push me to limits I never imagined! What would you do if JC was riding next to you screaming, “Come on Midget, only 2 min left to this interval, go into a harder gear and push it!”  Yes, you do what she says then watch a zone 5 interval appear when you download your power file. Thanks JC! And the best part, we hang out OUTSIDE of training and racing and have a blast (well, except being forced to drink a shot of Jagermeister – girl, what are you thinking??!).

Holly, Joy, Kellie & Lesleigh at Gate River Run

Holly, Joy, Kellie & Lesleigh at Gate River Run

Jen, Kellie, Joy, JC, Lesleigh - great wine, great food!

Jen, Kellie, Joy, JC, Lesleigh - great wine, great food!

If you prioritize and set your goals this will mentally prepare you for a great season!

Until next time…Midget OUT!


6 Responses to “Nobody Knows You Better Than Yourself”

  1. HAH! I have a feeling my “money is gone” with the way you have been training lol

    Great post! Lots of great goals you have there….well…I have to admit I feel the travel without a triathlon being involved is possibly a bit radical, I mean what will you do? 😉

  2. Let’s be honest, you are totally going to destroy me on the run at Rev3. If I’m at least able to catch up to you/pass you on some hills, I’ll consider that a win. 🙂

  3. You mean I need to go out and make friends? Damn girl, you’re killing me 🙂

  4. Is this Carrie? as in Twin sister Carrie? Who is also a good athlete herself? Are you guys identical? It just occurred to me. How would we know if you guys don’t do an informal transition swaperoo at the Rev3? Hmmm? How would we know?

    Come to think of it I will not Accept this challenge from Kellie! Believe me the fact that she could probably beat me anyways has nothing to do with it! 😉

  5. Wait don’t you have to listen to your coach and not make your own plan to check that box? Just wondering?

  6. If you’d like a tool for setting your goals, you can use this web application:

    You can use it to manage your goals, projects and tasks, set next actions and contexts, use checklists, schedules and a calendar.
    A Vision Wall (inspiring images attached to yor goals) is available too.
    Works on mobile.

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