The Balance Challenge!

I am putting together a more “useful” blog post but thought this would be a good challenge for some of you!


Have you ever found that there is not a conversation that goes by that you don’t talk about swimming, cycling, running, heart rate, watts, nutrition, hydration, transition, form, cadence, and the list goes on? I found over the past 3 years that it was an epidemic! This year, in my quest to find balance, my friend (a hard core endurance athlete) and I decided we would not talk about training, racing, etc. We determined it can’t run our lives that there are more important things.

SOOOO, try it out with a friend (who is also a triathlete) and see how successful you are! I have to admit it is great!!! We text message and make them all funny. His last one to me was, “Ok, I just had stomach cramps for 2 hrs and just farted at Jamba Juice and feel much better. Should I twitter that? LMAO!”  I laughed for 5 min straight and it was so much better than, “How was your workout today?”  Try it for a week and send me a comment on how it went! 🙂

Jamba Juice Evacuated Due to Sewage Issues :)

Jamba Juice Evacuated Due to Sewage Issues 🙂

As a plug, if you have a Jamba Juice near you I hear it is GREAT! Need to go try it out myself. The item that is raved about is the Acai Cup: It’s a meal in a cup! Fuel up with a blend of acai juice, soymilk, bananas, strawberries, blueberries all topped with granola and fresh bananas.

And just saw this article as well that is a good read: Best and Worst Brain Foods

Until next time…Midget…OUT!!


2 Responses to “The Balance Challenge!”

  1. Heading to LA next week. Stopping at Jamba Juice and having an Acai Cup is officially on my to-do list. 😉

  2. We had two Jumba Juices in town but I guess I was the only one frequenting them. Next time you need to jump on the band wagon sooner. Jumba Juice is the best!

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