From The Inside

As an “everyday” athlete I can speak for many when I say it is challenging and at times down right tiring. There are times you question why you do what you do. Your priorities are family, work and business as usual life activities and your sport is the one thing that can slip. But, your sport is the one thing that can help you keep your sanity when things get too hectic to handle. It is a fine balance, one that takes work to perfect. Sometimes we fail and sometimes we succeed.

Why do we do it?

My #1 favorite reason is to inspire your children to live a healthy lifestyle and show them the importance of sports in their life. My sister is my idol in this area. I don’t know anyone else that has a life more hectic then hers. She just completed the Rhode Island 70.3 and she and her daughter are volunteering at the IronGirl Triathlon handing out medals. Oh, did i mention she singed up for her first Marathon in September? Well, she has done an IM but a marathon is on a whole different level of pain (smile).


As most of you know my sister and I were blessed to be part of the movie ATHLETE. The director/producer of the movie, Dave Lam, started a Fan Page in Facebook and it reminded me why I love my sport. To inspire! Please check out the Fan Page and become a fan – click here!

Many of you may have received emails such as the below that just put a smile on your face the size of Texas! My girl, “Kiwi T”, from New Zealand send me this note. It was suppose to be private but it was too beautiful not to share and I hope others will sit down and write to someone that inspires them. Many thanks Kiwi T, I hope you are okay with me sharing. You inspire me more than you can imagine!

Hey girl,

Just a little note especially for you. I was just checking out how many friends of mine had become fans of ATHLETE, and there you are with your own fan club, making heartfelt replies to everyone’s comments. You know girl its that amazing big heart that attracted me to you in the beginning, way back when Tanya was starting out with GOTRIbal.

You are an inspirational athlete, but you are an amazing and inspiring woman. That big heart of yours is all about giving and touching peoples lives. I really can’t wait to meet you one day Kellie. Maybe I can get you to dust off that scuba gear 🙂

Stay safe and keep loving life,

xx T

My Girl Kiwi T

My Girl Kiwi T

The number of friends I have met through my sport is just breathtaking. One of my GOTRIbal friends I met at the Rev3 Triathlon in CT was kind enough to ask me to come down south to do an Olympic tri with her. What a blast! Thanks for the invite Shanna! The friendships you establish are priceless and will last a lifetime.

Tanya (founder of GOTRIbal), Shanna and me at Rev3

Tanya (founder of GOTRIbal), Shanna and me at Rev3

Moss Point Olympic Triathlon in Orlando

Moss Point Olympic Triathlon in Orlando

We don’t participate in our sports just for what it does to our outside but mainly for what it does for us on the inside. So when you feel tired and when you wonder why you do what you do…just take a step back and you will see the reasons why. Sometimes it just takes a little reminder.

Until next time…Midget OUT!


2 Responses to “From The Inside”

  1. Sara DiPaolo Says:

    OMG, I had just texted Matthew and asked him to “remind me again why I’m an athlete and not a couch potato” after feeling like crap training this morning. I checked your blog a few minutes ago and here was an answer, lol…

  2. Just got back with my son from a week-long mission trip in Philadelphia and I didn’t have time to swim, bike, or run! But, I had time to think about what was important in life and as I was helping others in need, I too was thinking about how participating in this sport and in GOTRIbal did the same thing when you do it with a pay-it-forward attitude! I made many friends on GOTRIbal and can’t wait to put the medals around their necks and tell them to encourage more women to participate in this amazing sport!

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