Kellie’s Picks

In my 9 hours of solo biking and running this weekend I had a lot of time to think. What did I think about? Products that I think are very useful for athletes (and non-athletes alike). So, here is my list of items that, well, rock!

First let’s start with the workout products…

pull up bar

1) This one is compliments of Coach Brett. In one of our conversations he asked me what I like and what I don’t like. I don’t like swimming more than 2x per week. NOT suggesting that for those that want to be competitive! He said, “Fine, no problem but I want you to get a pull-up bar and strengthen your lats.”  DONE! I love it. In between meetings I hop on the pull-up bar and do some sets and switch it up a bit to work the biceps and triceps. The one I purchased was the Iron Gym and it took no time at all to put together! Note: you will need to purchase an attachment for larger doors. Got the free ab straps…should be getting them soon!

2) FOAM ROLLER!! The one thing that most triathletes suffer from

Foam Roller

is tight IT Bands. In lieu of getting a massage every day I opted or a Foam Roller in which my girl Joy painfully introduced me to. I purchased the Go Fit Foam Roller and LOVE it. I use it at least 4x/week and work my hams, IT bands, calves, back, gluts, and more.

3) Ahhhh…the Bender Ball! No matter what I always felt like my back hurt after doing abs. I found the Bender Ball online and it was only a few bucks so figured I would try it out. It is small so it takes up no room at all and I whip it out when watching TV and do some abs and no back pain! Really neat little contraption to help keep your core strong and help avoid back pain.

Bender Ball

Now onto food/drink products…

1) A while ago I switched from 2% milk to Soy milk and actually liked it better. I got an ear full from my tri girls and sisters on Soy and after reading up for it and not liking some of what I read (my preference so not discouraging others from drinking Soy) I switched to Almond Non-Dairy Beverage. I drink the Blue Diamond Almond Breeze unsweetened, 40 calories. It is actually delicious and I enjoy it in my cereal and fruit bowls in the morning! Click here to read about the benefits of Almond Non-Dairy Beverage.

Almond Non Dairy Beverage

2) GREEN TEA! One of my favorites! I drink 3 cups a day with Agave Nectar (see below) and it is just soothing. I actually purchase Kirkland Signature Green Tea Matcha Blend, 100% Japanese Tea Leaves from Costco vs. the standard ones like Lipton’s from the grocery store. The health benefits are enormous! Check it out here: Health Benefits of Green Tea.

green tea

3) I just discovered Sprouted Grain Bread and it is definitely a product I will continue to use. Sprouted grain bread is a better alternative to whole grain breads as they are very easy to digest and contain few ingredients (only the grains, no flour). You can find them in the freezer section of your local health food store.

sprouted multi grain bread

4) If you use sugar, artificial sweeteners, honey, etc. you need to try this!  Agave Nectar is certified purity, both organic and kosher and has a light variety’s neutral flavor will not alter the taste of the foods in which it is used making it ideal as a sweetener for coffee, tea, fruit “smoothies”, and other beverages. I switched from honey to agave nectar a while back due to its wonderful taste and low glycemic index-32! Here is the one I purchase: Madhava Agave Nectar Light

agave necter

5) Last but DEFINITELY not least is a JUICER! I had my first juicer drink at my sisters house and was hooked. Thanks to my friend Joy who let me borrow hers to see if I would actually use it and boy did I! My favorite drink so far has 2 apples, a carrot, purple grapes and some cinnamon and nutmeg. OMG it is so good! Just got in the mail today my new juicer! Breville Juice Fountain Compact 700 watts…bring it!

Breville Juicer

I hope some of these products peak your interest and you give them a whirl.

Until next time…Midget OUT!


9 Responses to “Kellie’s Picks”

  1. I want the Iron Gym workout bar!!!!!! does it come with a back like yours!? lol 😉 Thanks Kellie – fab idea – great way to spend 9 hours biking and running hun.

    Take care xx T

    • Hey T!! Miss you girl. Hey…when is A going to visit…should be coming up. I am just a little jealous 😦 You two are going to have a blast!! LOTS of pics!!

  2. I have the iron gym (kavan can do more pullups then me), foam roller (would live on mine if I could), and juicer. I get all these promos from the bender ball and just delete them because I thought it was just another product…but I do have clients that have bad backs so I may look into it! If you endorse it, it must not be that bad 🙂

    And not a product but don’t forget yoga! Pure pain and beauty wrapped into one!

  3. Stepmonster Says:

    You are a hoot and half!! I LOVE this post! You go girl!!!!!!!!

  4. Awesome List. I have the iron gym bar too and love it. Being able to do pullups at a moment’s notice is key to getting them in and getting stronger.

  5. Damn Kel, you look GREAT. I really want an iron bar. I’ll just hang on it and hopefully inch my way up eventually. Sigh. I’ve been taking some TRX classes and they’ve been AMAZING. I’m trying to figure out where I can bolt those in my apartment.

    Some day you’ll make your own almond milk and never go back. 🙂
    Miss you!

  6. It’s so funny! I have all the same food in my kitchen : ) and not many people have those items: sprouted bread, agave, almond butter, almond breeze (chocolate for me!), and the flax seeds…actually I think I prefer hemp seeds. If your into veggie food, try out Quorn. It was one of the greatest discoveries for me being a vegetarian. It’s fake chicken that is soy free!

    I also have a great pull-up bar mounted, a foam roller and just read about the bender ball yesterday.

    Love the post with all the pics. Can’t wait to read more of what you have posted here.

  7. I didn’t know you had a blog either!!! Thanks for the wonderful compliments, you are too kind as always!
    Congrats on your HUGE training weekend!
    BTW- huge fan of the foam roller and I’ve been dying to get a juicer. Can’t wait to try your concoction when I do!! Happy training!

  8. I love your blog and just blogged myself about a foam roller and came across your site. Us fitness professionals can stick together!

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