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Past, Present and Future

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Wow, it has been a while. Work, training and life have been keeping me busy and oddly I am enjoying every second of it.


A couple weeks ago I ventured to Augusta, Ga. for a Half Ironman and had a blast. The course was fast and fun but the best part of my time there was spending time with my girls JC, Joy, Lesleigh, Shanna, Libby and Tracy. It is times like this that you realize how lucky you are to have such amazing people in your life. JC was training for Ironman World Championships and Joy was training for the Chicago Marathon but they still made the 4.5 hour trip to Augusta to be the best Sherpa’s for Lesleigh and I. Thanks Ladies, you are truly the best!

JC, Kellie, Lesleigh & Joy

JC, Kellie, Lesleigh & Joy

My GOTRIBal girl, Shanna!

My GOTRIBal girl, Shanna at the swim start!

Joy, Libby (who crushed the course!) & Me

Joy, Libby (who crushed the course!) & Me

Since the race was not a far drive from Jax there were 35+ people there either racing or cheering so it was great to see a lot of familiar faces! Also got to meet my friend Jason O. for the first time! Very fun to run with you and your bro and thanks for waiting for me at the finish (man did you have to wait a long time)!


This past Saturday JC took Kona by storm only 6 weeks after Ironman Louisville and braved the hardest IM course out there. She finished in 11:30 (to put it in perspective it would have taken me 14 hours) and she looked amazing crossing the finish line!

JC = Wonder Woman

JC = Wonder Woman

Check out JC’s race report HERE . My favorite part was when she stopped to help a guy who was on the side of the road and gave him a CO2 cartridge. When he passed her later in the bike he called her ‘his hero’. Proud of you girl, that is what it is all about!

I also have to give a huge shout out to Sydney who has never done an IM before, qualifies for Kona via a half IM and takes on the toughest IM course as her first one and destroyed it with an 11:06 (damn girl!) and in 6 weeks she will be on the course with me in IM Arizona. Some tough chicks out there!

Ahhhh, my girl Joy. Well, her training this year was full on focus for the Chicago Marathon. She battled some ups and downs in her training with some injuries which wreak havoc with you mentally but she finished right where she wanted to! GREAT job out there, Joy! 3:22 is just outstanding!


While my girls were out there racing HARD I was back home doing an IM race simulation with two buddy’s that are doing IMAZ as well, Kerry and Tony. Both on track for Kona slots if all goes well. We started at 6AM with a 1 hour swim followed by a 106 miles bike and 12.5 mile run. It hit 95 degrees out and boy was it painful but perfect to prep us mentally for the day ahead. Talk about amazing peeps, my friends Sean and Steph put out ice water, ice water sponges and gels for us as they were on our run route. THANK YOU for saving our lives out there, you guys are amazing!

Oh, I can’t forgot about my own flesh and blood! My twin sis, Carrie, qualified for Boston 4 weeks back and the week before IMAZ my younger sister, Heather, has her eyes set on a Boston qualifier as well. Hey Dan, if you see someone like me in Boston next year her name is Carrie 🙂



I have been doing some soul searching and pondering as to what 2010 will bring. I struggle with the fact that work and life are not going to slow down but I am ready to take on distances that are geared more towards my type of training and racing, the Ultra scene. I realized I am ready and I have some races already on my list. The most challenging would be Ultraman Canada and my application has been submitted and I am first on the waiting list. If I don’t get in then 2011 it is! The funny part is I asked a very special person to crew for me and sent a long email explaining how it is not going to be fun but a lot of work, etc. but wanted to know if he would be willing to support me. His reply email back was simply, “Hell, yes!”  I love you Dad 🙂  I also have a few Ultra Marathons I will be doing (31-50 mile races) to get my running up to speed.

Life never seems to slow down but I never find myself without a smile. Life really is good.

Until next time…Midget OUT!