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Is 2009 Really Almost Over? Then What?

Posted in Uncategorized on November 16, 2009 by Kel

When November hits it always seems like a reality check that another year of life has almost passed. But for some reason every year just gets better. I am looking forward to ending this year with a bang and starting a new adventure with new challenges and goals next year.

I wanted to first highlight a few people that have persevered through some tough situations to reach their goals over the past few weeks.

Freddy Before Ironman Florida

Freddy At The Start of IMFL

Freddy Baby! One of my favorite training buddies. Freddy had gotten me though some long (5-6 hour) training rides this year as he was  training for IMFL. He was always solid on the bike and there was no doubt he was in for an outstanding Ironman. On November 7th at 7:00AM CST he started the journey and 13h 42m 50s later he crossed the finish line as an Ironman (Freddy had also done IMCDA and IMAZ). Half way into the bike his body rejected the nutrition and if anyone has ever had nutrition/hydration issues in an Ironman you know how excruciating the pain is and mentally it takes all you have to get one foot in front of the other. You truly are an Ironman Freddy Baby. Congrats!

The sign his daughter Nikki made for him :)

The Sign His Daughter Nikki Made 🙂

Freddy is an Ironman x4!

You Are An Ironman!

Heather - Balancing family, life, work and her sport

Heather - Balancing Family, Life, Work And Her Sport

My younger sister Heather! She is one tough chick that just amazes me. This morning she headed out to the San Antonio Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon with aspirations for a Boston Qualifier. Her training was simply perfect. She was doing 20 mile training runs (with massive hills) in 7:30 splits. As I was tracking her this morning I knew something was wrong. I got the call from her husband that Heather was with medical and was in route to the ER. She could not talk so they were not sure what was wrong with her. She trained hard through medical issues and illness but race day is always the unknown. Unfortunately race day brought sever dehydration that shut her body down. When she called me what did she say, “In a few weeks I am going to put my number on and run 26.2 around my neighborhood!”   I love you Heather and so proud of you. Stay strong.

My friend Jason Lester! Jason has been through a lot in his life including being hit by a speeding car running a stop sign and paralyzing his right arm at the age of 12. He has dedicated his life to using athletics as a tool to inspire and encourage youth and adults to achieve their full potential. The past few weeks have been monumental for him. Why? Select the link and you will see: GO JASON!

Also, check out his amazing tech tees! Support Jason for RAAM 2010 and SYF and Train!

Next Up is Ironman Arizona! Doing an Ironman at the end of the season really makes for a long year but it is finally around the corner and it should be really fun. For some reason I have no nerves and just more excited to get to the start and smile my way through it. I do hope to place top 15 in my age group but you never know what race day will bring your way. Check out race day updates here!

Bring on IMAZ!

I Am A Dork. Nuf Said!

2010 races are coming along just nicely. My big event is Ultraman Canada on July 31, Aug 1-2 and I have a couple of Ultramarathons I have signed up for. January 23rd is the Mountain Mist 50K which is 31 miles of trail running with 3500 feet of climbing and in May I have the Keys 100 50 mile ultra that will help me with heat acclamation for  Canada.

I am thrilled to be starting with Team Hendryx on December 14th. I was lucky to meet Bill while at a triathlon in Orlando this year (thanks Shanna and Dan!) and when talking to him about my 2010 plans he was more excited for me than I was. Perfect 🙂

Last but not least the cover for the ATHLETE DVD is out! In talking with Dave once the release date is established, the trailer and final posters go live!


Boy does taper give me too much time to write a long blog entry! Until next time…MIDGET OUT!