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Changing Seasons – Changing Distances

Posted in Uncategorized on December 9, 2009 by Kel

With the completion of my last 2009 race, Ironman Arizona, I have been fully enjoying the off-season. I love waking up and thinking, hmmmm…what do I want to do today? The answer is always RUN! I have adorned my bike for 45 min since the IM and then put it back into hibernation for a bit longer and swimming has not even crossed my mind yet (but tomorrow I will get back in to give the legs a break).

This was one memorable season between the Revolution 3 Half Ironman, the inaugural Augusta 70.3 and Ironman Arizona. But the year also was a transition year for me. I love my sport but my MADD (Midget Attention Deficit Disorder) kicked in and I really wanted to transition into something new for 2010. I decided it was time for me to hit the ultra scene and add in the excitement of trail running. Sooooo…2010 has the following in store for me…

Mountain Mist 50K – Alabama’s Toughest Trail Run. It boasts 3500+ feet of climbing and man does it look fun! I have a lot of training to do before January 23rd! I have been doing some fun trail running with Joy and plan to hit the North GA Mountains the week leading up to Christmas to trail run, get in some riding and hiking. I am REALLY looking forward to this!

Carl Touchstone Memorial Mississippi Trail 50 – Hmmmm, they have a 50 miler too so wrote to my coach and asked if I should switch from the 50K to the 50 miler (he is probably rolling his eyes)! This trail run has rolling hills and looks like a blast. Also, this run has some NICE bling! This is being held on March 6th (5 days after I turn 39 and time to start thinking of what crazy event I will do for the big 40)!

Trail run starts in the surreal predawn darkness

Trail run starts in the surreal pre-dawn darkness

Keys 100 – Okay, this one is going to hurt! On May 15th I will be running the 50 mile solo from Marathon to Key West. It is going to be a hot one! My coach is running the 100 miler from Key Largo to Key West so hopefully I can pace him towards the end of his run if I have anything left in me. Chalk this one up to having to train for my next race — good prep for a long run in the heat!

7 Mile Bridge (crew can't get to you here...yikes)

7 Mile Bridge - Crew can't get to you here...yikes!

Ultraman Canada – All the above is just races to prep for the “big one”. On July 31st, August 1st-2nd I will be participating in one of the most difficult challenges to date. Ultraman Canada covers part of the Okanagan/Similkameen regions of British Columbia, Canada. There are 38 solo entries for 2010 and this race is by invitation only.

Saturday – Stage 1 – 6.2 mile point to point swim starting in Penticton and finishing in Okanagan Falls, followed by a 90 mile bike ride, beginning in Okanagan Falls over the Richter Pass returning to Okanagan Falls.

Sunday – Stage 2 – 170 mile bike, beginning in Penticton and ending in Princeton.

Monday – Stage 3 – 52.4 mile double-marathon run from Princeton to Summerland.

After August 3rd what will I be doing….a long recovery, cheering on my sisters (who are participating in half IM and ultra running events too!) and friends in their races and maybe toss in a race here or there for fun 🙂

Until next time…Midget OUT!