Paying It Forward – Jenni and Katelyn

Thanks to a very special and inspirational person that touches lives daily I had the opportunity to win a signed copy of “Running On Faith” and a Zoot SpeedZoot. Jason Lester posted a contest on Facebook to write and inspirational story and I had some amazing family and friends vote for my post and I won. I am  excited to pass these gifts forward to two people who have touched my life in the past few months.

Jenni and I connected through Facebook via the documentary ATHLETE and I learned that she has had chronic pain since she was training for Boston in ’09 and to this day it has not been diagnosed. She did not let this stop her and she is currently training for Ironman Wisconsin. I also learned that she lost her Dad not too many years ago and within a day or so of finding out about her Dad’s health issue her husband was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s (in remission now!!). As we were writing back and forth right before Ultraman Canada only a few weeks ago I found out her Mom had passed. She was her best friend and a beautiful woman. Jenni continues to stay strong through her pain and will use Ironman Wisconsin as a way to connect with her parents and use them as her “wings”.  I would like to gift “Running On Faith” to Jenni. I hope this inspires her to keep moving forward and continue to smile her beautiful smile.

Oh, my little hero Katelyn! Her Mom and Dad ran Angie’s Half Crazy! Half Marathon and enjoyed the pasta dinner the night before and heard me speak. Although I did not get the pleasure of meeting them we hook up via, you guessed it, Facebook! I started to learn more about her amazing children and Katelyn and I hit it off. Katelyn is a straight A student, just started getting into triathlon and has already done 2 and she is doing her 3rd this weekend! She is very respectful and the one thing I have been learning more about is Autism and found out that she walks her brother to lunch at school every day and was even seen giving him a kiss before she left him. Her brother has Autism and as I learn more and more about him I have a special place in my heart for him as well. What a beautiful family and a wonderful young girl that has a bright future ahead of her. Thanks for being my hero, Katelyn! Many hugs to you and your pretty smile and braids 🙂 I hope you like the SpeedZoot!

Thanks Jason for allowing me to pass this gift forward and always inspiring!


4 Responses to “Paying It Forward – Jenni and Katelyn”

  1. You are a hero to so many people Kellie. I really don’t think you know how much you mean to so many people. You spend so much of your time and energy giving and you do it in a quiet manner and without any expectation from others. Never change.

  2. So sweet, Kellie. You are a doll.

  3. so happy to see you blogging more!

  4. Kevin Mack Says:

    You rock!!!!!

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