Product Review – 110%. Recover. Play Harder.


I RARELY will post a product review as I am very particular and I have to LOVE the product for me to “brag” about it! Besides lululemon which I wear 24×7 I found my equal love in the recovery world, 110%! This product integrates ice and compression to allow for faster recovery with its unique pocket architecture. I have spent a nice amount of $ trying to find a compression garment that actually works and I hate ice baths with a passion (but TOTALLY understand the importance)!  

You can SEE the frost on the calf from the ice packs!

As I was training for Ultraman Canada I wound up on crutches due to massive inflammation of the hip and from the sheer amount of training hours my hamstrings and lower back were really feeling fatigued making training difficult. I spent a pretty penny on compression tights that did not have any compression and I was making a mess trying to ice as I refused to get in an ice bath. A few weeks prior to the race a new company surfaced and I was lucky enough to be able to quickly get a pair of Double-Life Shin/Calf Sleeves and LOVED them. I could feel the compression and put the ice packs in immediately after a run and recovery was simple and effective!   

I immediately purchased the Juggler Knickers which assisted with the recovery of my lower back and hamstrings as well as my knees and quads as there are pockets for the ice packs in each area. Again, solid compression and quicker recovery. 

But how would the compression work as it relates to fatiguing during the race? I literally ran one 21 miler, 15 miler and a few 13 milers over 4 months leading up to day 3 of my race that consisted of a 52.4 run with 2,500 feet of elevation gain which was after 260 miles of biking the previous two days. I pulled off an 8 hr 40 min run which was the 3rd fastest female run time in the history of Ultraman Canada and I did not fatigue until the last 10 miles or so! I wore the knickers on the long plane ride home  and continued during my recover and began training for my next race (100 mile trail run) 3-4 days earlier than expected. SOLID PRODUCT!   

Sporting the 110% shin/calf sleeves on day 3 of Ultraman

For a better understanding of the benefits of 110% check out the SCIENCE behind the technology.   The 110% mantra is 110% accurate in my mind: Simple, mobile, effective, and dedicated to awesome.


2 Responses to “Product Review – 110%. Recover. Play Harder.”

  1. Jenni Sevenich Says:

    I wonder if these would help with the calf cramps I get while swimming…perhaps I could even wear the calf sleeves during the Ironman swim. Thoughts?

  2. They looked great on you too! Maybe, if you didn’t already, you could link this blog post to the GOTRIbal product review section. Love you!

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