Silence Under The Canopy – Croom Fools Run 50K

As I started my second lap of the 50K trail run under the canopy of trees through the single track running trail at Withlacoochee State Forest in central Florida there was complete silence. At this point my ankles were quite sore with every step due to the significant amount of soft sand you ran on and/or tried to jump side to side to avoid. With still a bit of fatigue in my legs from the 100K 3 weeks before I realized it was time to disassociate myself with what I was feeling physically and move internal to my thoughts.

Last year I had signed up for this race but was just beginning my 11 month battle with hip/groin pain that led to my entry being moved to this year. I started thinking about all the hard work and support I received to get myself back to where I could do a back to back 100k/50K and feel no pain. At one point I teared up as this run made me feel whole again. I thought about my friend Libby who started me on my road to recovery. I owe her so much and I can safely say she is insanely knowledgeable and should be nominated as Physical Therapist of the year!

I also thought about how OmVelO (free-standing indoor cycling/yoga/TRX studio two blocks from my home) and all the amazing people there got me to the next level. I spent 5 hours a week doing TRX and yoga to strengthen and stabilize my core and build flexibility and mobility. It was hard work and I still have ways to go, but I AM BACK! A friend sent me this quote (thanks Jenn!) that hit it on the head. It is the journey that gets you to the start line that makes me whole.

Those who truly have the spirit of champions are never wholly happy with an easy win. Half the satisfaction stems from knowing that it was the time and the effort you invested that led to your high achievement. – Nicole Haislett

I am also blessed to have so many amazing family and friends in my life that are as crazy as me and participate in these events or love to spectate. One of my TOP athletic goals this year was to enjoy more events with my family and friends and this was a huge success! I thought a lot about my friends that were out there enjoying the day with me but the one person I was so humbled to be out there with was Kevin Davenport (the hubby of my “tiny” friend Heather). Early last year Kevin was diagnosed with cancer in both kidneys. They immediately removed one whole kidney and half of the other and the doctor said he would never be able to do athletics again. Kevin thought differently and last November he completed Ironman Florida, he has done mountain bike races and completed the Croom Fools Run 50K with a huge smile. BUT had to show up the girls and do an extra 1.5 miles (he must be my twin as he got lost!). Congrats to all my friends that made it to the start line ~ Shanna, Heather, Kevin, Bill, Justin, Susan, John, Jen, Stacey ~ you were in my thoughts throughout the race and I am lucky to be part of your lives.

John, Susan, Shanna, Me, Heather

So proud of Kevin! inspirational!

In true Kellie fashion I stopped at all the aid stations and chatted and had some fun. The volunteers were GREAT! Of course I chatted so much I forgot to refill my camelbak and I ran out of water the last 3 miles and was in dire need of hydration and M&Ms. As I trotted to the finish line I had my eyes set on the aid station with the cold water and stash of my favorite treat and headed straight for it. That was until all the people were yelling at me to cross the finish line that I did not even see. Hence me cracking up in the finishing photo 🙂


It was an incredibly scenic course with some nice heat, soft sand and 905ft of elevation gain. A must do for those looking for a nice low-key event that made you feel like you were one of the family.


5 Responses to “Silence Under The Canopy – Croom Fools Run 50K”

  1. Looks like a beautiful course and I cannot wait to run way behind you in the GLER. I always love to see the smile on your face when you cross the finish (even if it is because you didn’t see the BIG timing device!) Love and admire you as always 🙂

  2. Truly amazing! You inspire me. 🙂

  3. Great race, Kellie.
    Forgot all about the finish line!? hehehe.
    Keep on strong and uplifting as always!


  4. Jennifer Holler Says:

    Great race Kellie!!!! Sounds like an amazing run!!!!

  5. libby Bergman Says:

    love love love your race report girl and I’m so glad that you are healthy and getting to continue to follow your passion and talent! so fun seeing you succeed at what you are so talented at. I am SO proud of you!!!

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