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When Your Sport Becomes More Than Just About “You”

Posted in Uncategorized on September 9, 2011 by Kel

I could not stop smiling on my run this morning. I have to admit it was a pretty large smile. I started to think about how I have been progressively gaining more pleasure and joy in my sport over the past 6 years. I chuckled to myself as I knew it had nothing to do with my performance. I have also been progressively getting slower J

But it was obvious what the answer was after I started to think of the moments that were most memorable. Being at the start line of Ironman Louisville with my twin sister by my side. Running the Barcelona Marathon with my younger sister. Running the Green Lakes 50K trail run with Carrie and of course having my sisters and dad by my side for 3 days for Ultraman Canada.

It is to me, in a sense, a symbolism of how much a family loves and supports you. So I choose events that I can do with my sisters or ones that we can all have a similar goal in mind and all work towards that goal. A few weeks back in the GLER 50K I just paced behind my sister for 29 miles and all I could think about is how she was going to get me through EPICMAN. Without her I am sure I would have walked more of the 2000 feet of elevation gain than I actually did. But the last 2 miles to see her glide effortlessly over the puddles and mud to get to the finish line was the highlight. Her smile was awesome! I finished behind her so I saw her smile in the finishing pictures J

This has also been an exciting year as my younger sister followed her dreams and started her own coaching company. She is top-notch in every way. I spoke to her about her path into triathlon one day to expand her coaching to not only runners but also triathletes. Selfishly in 5 years I will be retiring from Corporate America and will be looking to get my certifications and begin coaching and I would love to be part of Jonesing 4 Fitness. After some discussions she is going to get her triathlon certification and is using me as a guinea pig as I train for EPICMAN and she is kicking my butt!!! But the bond there has been surreal and I admire my sister more than I already do, and that is a LOT!

Click here to check out her website!

The other part I love about our sport is how my sisters inspire their children. My twin sister has run many races with my amazing niece and Heather brings her kids to yoga and teaches them the importance of sports in their lives. My sister just finished the Mountain Marathon in CO on Labor Day and Rylee and Kavan crossed the line with her. They are very proud of Mom. I was too J

And I have to say my Ry is a mini-me. She loves the trails, sports the braids, looks crazy cute in her run skirt and her sneaks are a striking resemblance to the Hoka OneOne’s. I see a future in this girl, I really do.