How Do You Define An ATHLETE?

Do you define an ATHLETE by fame? Fortune? Adoring fans?

I believe an ATHLETE is someone who sets a goal and works hard to achieve that goal. Someone that challenges themself to do something they consider impossible and inspire many along their journey. My goal is to inspire woman and young girls to realize they can do anything they set their minds to. I pay my gift forward by driving awareness and raise funds for important causes.

When I was approached by the 110% Give Harder Foundation to join the team to help end Breast Cancer I did not have to think twice. My family was touched by breast cancer and lost a beautiful soul to this horrible disease. I am passionate about including my family in my journeys and my sister Heather and my Dad will be joining me as a way to honor the memory of an amazing woman and to help abolish breast cancer.

Our mission is to run as part of the 110% Give Harder team by running 110K to raise $110K to help win the fight against breast cancer. Beginning on Saturday, February 11th, 2012, we will set out on a 110K journey. We will each run 42 miles (84 miles total) as a relay through the night to get to the start line of the 2012 26.2 With Donna Marathon. We will then continue our journey together on the course of the Donna Marathon and will run another 26.2 miles until the finish line. Our Dad will be our crew and support through this event.

Kellie & Heather Breast Cancer Marathon Fundraising Page



Everyday ATHLETE…Kellie


34 Responses to “How Do You Define An ATHLETE?”

  1. I define an athlete as someone who pushes their own limits to reach a personal goal. I also think true athletes are in constant awe of how the body & mind work together to achieve something seemingly impossible. For me, I NEVER thought I could run a marathon – but after training my body, and listening to my mind – I did… I’m not tall or particularly strong and I don’t look like a typical ‘athlete’… so the person I had to convince most I could do it was me. See you at the race Kellie!

  2. ath•lete
    a permanent state of mind of a person involved in reaching their physical and mental limits while smiling from ear to ear.

    Keep Excelling!


  3. I think I summed it up in my reply on my blog to some racer trying to say they’re a better athlete than someone else.


    “While we all have our set goals, because I’m not aiming for elite rankings doesn’t make me any less of an athlete. And yes, race day IS part of the picture, so is the glory, the finishing prizes, the camaraderie, the pictures, the accomplishment– otherwise everything would be just practice.

    Greatness isn’t a level of athleticism, it’s a mindset. If I train for an event, go out there and give it the best I have and lose…I’m a great athlete.”

  4. An athlete is a person who sets a goal and does whatever it takes to train his or her body and mind to reach it. It’s not about prizes, trophies or certificates, but about the feelings of accomplishment and pride in reaching that goal. It’s something that no one can ever take away.

    • Thank you, Beth! Accomplishment, pride, achieving a goal…absolutely. But most of all…no one can ever take away your accomplishment that you worked hard for. BTW…I love your cooking/baking abilities!!!

  5. That little something that is in everyone that once tapped, needs to be nurtured in order to grow. Once it starts growing, it transforms a person’s mind, body, and spirit. Tap into it and enjoy.

    • Enjoy 🙂 Love it!! Thanks for sharing sis! I know you have copies of ATHLETE and you know what part makes me cry every time!! Love you xoxo

  6. Well, you surely define athlete in ways that you might not know. I think an athlete is someone who makes things happen with the energy they have and create. It isn’t about running endless miles or winning races, it is more about spirit and how you use what you have, the gifts you have. I think you are living proof of this: you educate, inspire, GIVE, help, achieve and make others feel good. You are a great definition of what an athlete is, Kellie!!!

    • I adore you, Kelly. I think GOTRIbal has brought the most amazing woman into my life. We love to set goals, we love our sport, we love the camaraderie, we love to inspire but we know and strive for balance. You are a wonderful mother and friend. You bring smiles and joy to everyone around you. You helped me better understand lighting which I was struggling with (getting there!) and you are an amazing ATHLETE. Thank you for your wonderful post. xoxo

  7. I believe an “athlete” is ANYONE who has a goal, whether is be sports-based or just goal-oriented,… if you believe in your health and wellness and you take steps to move and believe in yourself… you are an athlete… I believe this because, never being competitive in sports myself, I now in my almost mid 40’s … I participate in my life, whether it is in a 5K, half marathon, or just volunteering at race and encouraging others… now dropping 40+ pounds and becoming generally ACTIVE in my life,… I do not need to WIN my events, just ENJOY them and I AM ATHLETE!! … most of my believe has been inspired from a lil HERO in my life, named KELLIE and I will be forever grateful ❤ xoxo ❤ ~Tots

    • TOTS!!! You had me at “belive in yourself”…love it!! You have been such an inspiration to not only myself but so many others. You dedicate your life to helping others realize their potential and reach their goals. You volunteer and participate and show that you can give back and also enjoy the journey. You defy definition in so many ways and you are the type of person we need out there reminding us that really it is the simple things that make the journey special. Love to you my special inspiration! p.s. and you created Will!! 🙂 xoxo

  8. norvia read Says:

    While I will post another, more in depth definition later.. At this moment, I can define an athlete with one simple word. KATELYN. While that is not during a definition but rather a young girl. We both know that Katelyn sees no boundaries, has no doubts, overcomes obstacles and knows no fear. She embraces and relishes each and every endeavor with an innocence and pure jjoy of life and uses her body, mind and soul to teach others lessons she cannot even begin to realize she teaches. Today, she is my definition of an athlete!

    • AGREED TEN FOLD!! She is my little hero (even though she is taller than me now :). I remember seeing the pictures of her in her first triathlon and watching a video of her speak in front of her classmates. I was in tears I was so proud of her. Now she is developed into an amazing athlete that excels in school and my favorite, shows the most amazing love and respect to her brother and is part of her family’s quest to raise $ for Autism Speaks. A special young woman who teaches me things every day. LOVE this post, Norvia!!

  9. An athlete never asks, “How hard?” or, “How far?” for the answer is already within. The athlete cares for the mind and body not to achieve perfection, but to honor the gift of life, and in doing so, creates the perfect expression of joy through the perseverance of movement. The athlete wakes up in the morning and smiles, thinking, “I GET to do this again today!” The athlete does not speak of her accomplishments unless asked, although those accomplishments are exuded by her very presence. The athlete knows that to move is to be, and that as long as she is alive she can move and improve herself and those around her.

    • Sheila girl…my skull and x-bones chica…I adore you! I love “perserverance of movement” to the largest extent. We love what we do. We never question. We never brag. We never complain. We allow it to let us grow…body and mind. We are alive and you are a gem. Thanks Sheila! I hope our paths cross again soon. xoxo

  10. Jenn Holler Says:

    Athletes come in all shapes and sizes. There is no one specific definition of an athlete. An athlete is someone who perseveres regardless. They set goals and do whatever is necessary to achieve them. They are inspiring people. They are out there doing great things and inspiring other to do great things. I may be biased but one of my definitions of an athlete would be The Jones Sisters. Through them I haven seen that all things are possible. Here’s to all of the athletes out there.

    • Love it, Jenn! We prove they come in small packages 🙂 We are all out there doing great things and inspiring so many. I love watching us all grow as a family and see all the smiles along the way 🙂 Thanks for being a sista from anotha motha…keep shining 🙂 See you soon!!

  11. Someone who gives it their all day in and day out leaving nothing in reserve and having no excuses.

  12. An Athlete is not defined by a moment or the results of an event. It is not defined by the hours of training, practice or mental preparation. It isn’t an instance or about belonging to a team or winning a championship. It is a bitter-raging love affair we experience every day battling mind, body and spirit against the inherent will to quit. Those who can fearlessly step forward into the darkness every day and overcome the natural urge to fail are branded internally the title of an athlete. It is a quiet and an intimate process, but when you have arrived, you undeniably know it.


    • Jeff – I hope one day you write a book. Your definition really hits home for me and I am sure many others! At some point there is always that “inherent will to quit” and to push through it and overcome the urge is a beautiful moment. I have to say I train 99% of the time by myself as I love the quiet time to to think, reflect and admire what is around me. THANK YOU!!

      • I’d bonk writing into chapter 2! LOL. Thanks for the kind words but I think many of us when writing these short definitions picture YOU and then try to put the image into words. At least that’s what I did.

      • Well said Jeff … I agree with your definition AND your reply to Kel! Keep excelling!

    • @Jeff – LOL! I would bonk on the 1st page! I can talk but writing kills me 🙂 I look at you and think of what the Bradey Bunch would have been like if they had you as a dad! Now that would be inspirational!
      @JP – you and Jeff are Dad’s and both a true inspiration to your kiddo’s! You have one and Jeff has 835 (haha…kidding!…he has 5) and I love how you show your kids on a daily basis how to give back and stay healthy.
      Keep excelling guys!!

      • @bitty: Brady Bunch? Don’t wish 3 more on me… I’m already bald and can’t train anymore, so let’s just keep more than enough alone. This year bittie, it’s all about finally getting to my 250lb weight loss goal and catching you at a 100 miler. I have unfinished business there and I’m sick of months going by and not getting after it.

        I’m waiting for the event where you swim between every continent, bike across N & S America and Europe and run China . You can also pole vault between all the islands to break things up a bit. I’ll crew for you for sure.

  13. Nancy Mitchell Says:

    An athlete is someone who just goes out there everyday and works out & gives their personal best despite: adversity, stress or outside distractions. And does it for the pure goal of accomplishment and a desire & motivation to succeed !! Nancy Mitchell, athlete

    • You are so right that there is adversity, stress and outside distractions put on us daily. Work, family, friends, bills and the list goes on! For us to take time for ourself, set a goal, work hard to achieve it and succeed is a beautiful thing. I am so inspired by everday athletes. Have a BLAST in the half on Sunday!!

  14. trainwithtots Says:

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  15. […] and again, but the best ones come back better than ever – that’s what makes someone a true athlete. You lose and you bounce back. You bounce back and you keep […]

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