Mizuno and Hüma and OSMO oh my!

It has been a while since I have done a product review! The last 2 weeks I have had some major training for a big race I have coming up. The last 2 weeks I put in 185 miles of running and 111 miles on the bike trainer so I put these products through the ringer!!

I was lucky enough to have a friend that has access to many products and knew I was going to be going through some crazy build weeks so he introduced me to 3 products to try out in hopes that they may get me though Brazil 135. I am always up for trying new products but it is rare that I truly love them! I am a huge fan of 110%.Play Harder., Mila (high quality chia seed), Organic Sulfer and Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. These are staples in my training/diet. But here are 3 other items I am adding to that list!

Mizuno Wave Prophecy 3 

prophacy whiteprophacy blue

These running sneakers really surprised me! I was a huge Hoka fan and did not think these would compare. WOW! I put all 185 miles on these sneaks in 2 weeks and not once had issues. No hot spots, no missing toe nails, VERY LITTLE fatigue in my legs (this I was excited about) and they fit like a soft cocoon around your foot. My run form was perfect in these sneakers and even when I was on my feet for 6 hours running my form continued to stay solid. The one thing I will continue to track is the mileage. In some tests they have been known to get 1200 miles on them.

Hüma Gel


I personally am a proponent of getting nutrition via solid foods vs. liquid. But the issue is that gels normally kill my stomach after a while. There also comes a point where I just struggle getting any solid food in. When running 40+ hours at a single time means you HAVE to get nutrition in PERIOD. The Hüma Gel goes down so smooth! I had the Apple Cinnamon and Mango and they both have a great taste and they go down with no effort at all! The Chia provides needed energy and my stomach never had issues in any of my runs. Very, very pleased with this product! Learn the science.

OSMO Active Hydration


Women are not small men™  – how could you not love this tag line! We AREN’T men! Brazil will be 80-90 degrees and that will pose a challenge with ensuring you are getting enough hydration in through the 2 days of running. Some of my long training runs where in the mid-80s and I had this in my hydration pack and my body never felt dehydrated, always had energy, and for me the most important was my mental state. I never felt like ending my runs even the 5-6 hour runs and I don’t listen to music. And to get personal we have a cycle that messes us up! For the ladies…see below.

During our menstrual cycle our internal temperature varies by 0.5°C, while our sodium losses increase and plasma volume drops. Dr. Stacy Sims developed Active Hydration for Women to address these physiological realities to help female athletes:

  • Increase Power Output
  • Improve Endurance
  • Avoid Premenstrual-Related Performance Decline


All of these products can be found at Jacksonville Running Company and everyone is helpful, knowledgeable and friendly!! Go in and try on the Mizuno Wave Prophecy 3 and thank me later 🙂  HAPPY RUNNING!


7 Responses to “Mizuno and Hüma and OSMO oh my!”

  1. Bonny Case Says:

    Thank you for suggesting the shoes. The other products may help me keep running. I wanted to give up running because I had ALL of those issues. Had shed a few tears because my running friends didn’t have any issues and enjoyed it but I was hating it.

    I have a desire to do 1 Half Ironman. You may have given me the tools that will help. 😉

    Thank you,

    • Hi Bonny! Thank you for your comment and I so feel for you! When running is painful it is just NOT enjoyable! I want you to get to that Half Iron goal! Where are you located? Are you on FB where we can connect and I can help you if you have any questions? The running sneakers are truly awesome. They are a bit on the expensive side but from some reviews the sole lasts 2-3 times longer than other sneaks with foam soles. Let’s keep in touch in case I can help with anything! Happy New Year!

      • Bonny Case Says:

        Hi Kellie, I’m located in Tampa, Florida. I am on FB – my profile pic is of me holding my first marathon medal.
        The shoes are a little expensive but look like they hold up very well. I look forward to connecting with you on FB.

        Happy New Year!

      • Bonny Case Says:

        Kellie, my FB will be under Bonny E. Case.

  2. Mizunos have historically designed a shoe with the more rebound than any shoe on the market aside from Newton. Unlike Newton though they do not create an added worry regarding calf tightness. Great shoe company.

    • Thanks Scott! I will say that I did wear newtons and liked them but calf tightness I believe let to a bad bout of plantar fasciitis. Appreciate your feedback!

  3. Hey Sis! Can’t wait to try the sneaks when I come out to FL! Let me know how the other products work in Brazil… there can’t be any tougher product test they can go through than that!

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